IT Support

Application/software and Operating System support & troubleshooting.
XP, Vista and Windows 7 support.
Application testing.
Reimage when necessary.
Replacing drivers, registry changes, uninstall and reinstall of software.
Some basic HTML code exposure.
Audio/Visual Support.
Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007 support.
CheckDisk, Defrag, Virtual Memory Work to increase performance.
Windows Server Administration.
Acrobat Reader, Flash, & Shockwave support.
Windows Security Update process.
Test new software features.
Experience with McAfee, Norton Tools, Ad-ware, SpyBot, AVG, Avast, SharePoint, WinZip.
Operating System support & troubleshooting.
Run and customize reports.
XP, Vista and Windows 7 support.
GoToAssist Support and Administration.
Resolving operating system, e-mail, software and database issues.
Monitor Systems.

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