Kevin’s Categories

A Better Way?

Look at other options or alternatives to doing something. There’s often several ways to meeting one’s goal.  

Business, Job and Career Related

Valuable information about the world of transition and business.

Contrarian Consumer 

Is conventional thinking always true? When does it need to be examined more closely as there may be another school of thought to consider.

Contrarian Pics

Pictures that require some contrarianisms.

College Info for Families

Insight and knowledge about preparing your child for higher education.

Corporate Life & Lessons

Lessons learned from Corporate America.

Do Customers Have Responsibilities Too?

Business owners have so many customer service issues to contend with but so do customers. I’m proposing that customers have responsibilities too.

Empathica Service

Un excelente servicio or fine customer service. Serving others with empathy, concern and understanding.

Fumbling Service

Businesses and service providers having the opportunity to score a touchdown in the world of customer service who end up fumbing that service.

Living Well (Health & Fitness)

Ways to improve your mental and physical health.


Things that don’t fit into other categories or when I can’t think of where else to place them.

Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish

Sacrificing the big picture financially in order to save a few pennies. 

Processes & Procedures

Step by step processes listing how to perform a particular task. 

Retail & Service World

Topics and issues revolving around the retail and service world.

Save Time, Money & Aggravation

Ways to save time or money are included here. Things that are annoying and should be fixed will also find a home here.

Sports World

This will primarily incorporate the professional sports world and my experiences around certain sporting events. It will also include sports writing and broadcasting.

Peel The Onion

Let’s dig deeper to understand the issue a little more. There’s more than what initially meets the eye.


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