I Believe…(Part I)

I believe in renewable energy

I believe in abolishing the Electoral College

I believe in a 3 game World Series

I believe in a 50 game regular season for the NHL and NBA

I believe in recycling, but believe first in reusing, if not reducing

I believe that U.S. politicians should have comparable benefits’ packages to Federal employees

I believe vegetarianism is significantly more eco-friendly than the tradition American diet

I believe Americans consume too much protein and eat too much

I believe that accumulating things can often move us away from things that are important to us

I believe U.S. Senators and Representatives should have term limits. 2 terms for U.S. Senators and 4 terms for U.S. Representatives

I believe in the idea of CEOs and corporate leaders to earn no more than 10-20 times the amount of their least paid employee 

I believe in responsible capitalism

I believe in common sense regulation to protect all individuals in our society but not over regulation

I believe you can tell if an apple is healthy by how it feels and smells

I believe in being hard on yourself so you’re better prepared to handle what life throws at  you

I believe in creating a demand for renewable energy through federal policy initiatives

I believe one of the responsibilities of our schools is to get students to think critically

I believe some of the best things in life are free



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