Empathica Service — Games Retailers Play

Charm Prices

If the price is $5.99, because you read from left to right, $5.99 is closer to $5 in your mind than $6 even though it’s a penny away from $6.

Limits in a Retail Store

Buying soda which is on sale, the limit is 4 creates a scarcity envirnoment  — incites adrenline.

Buy 1, get 1 Free

It’s a promotion. For many people, free is a psychological win-win. It’s got to be a good deal because you see the word ‘free’ in the ad. 

5 for $5…

Retailers won’t tell you that you could only buy 1, trying to get you to spend more money…

Restaurant Menus with no Prices…

Studies show that removing prices from restaurant menus reduces the idea that you are spending money or as much money as you are. It’s a less conscious process.


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