Customer Service Principles

1. Listen to your customers intently.

2. Put yourself in your customer’s situation when providing service.

3. If you must put someone on hold, ask the customer first. Tell them it will be only one minute.

4. Managing silence. If you’re handling a customer’s question over the phone and you’re investigating where there might be silence, let your customer know. That way, any silence will indicate your rep is investigating at that time.

5. If you ask your customers to complete a survey, ensure the survey works correctly. If possible, share the results with your customers. Appreciate the time they spent completing the survey. make sure the survey take no more than 5 minutes and is a limited amount of questions.

6. After the customer explains the situation, paraphrase what you heard to ensure you’re on the same page. It also conveys empathy, indicating to the customer you are listening and are trying to do what you can to resolve.

7. Telling your customers you appreciate their business or thanking them for coming in the store will often build good will. It also conveys that you as the customer are not merely a number.

8. When I’m able to explain my situation in great detail at a retailer when I’m looking for something out of the ordinary makes a difference to me. This often applies in hardware stores. Having the associate actually listening without interrupting puts me at least and reinforces why I chose this particular retailer in the first place.

9. Being greeted in a store makes a difference too. It just sets the right tone. There’s one retailer who’s majority of associate will say hello if the store is not too busy.

10. When in a restaurant, having a waiter or waitress that comes back just a few times to “check up” is comforting.  It’s a fine line but really good waiters have that special touch. They also know when our table is ready to order.

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