About Kevin Schwarm

Ever since I was young, I was naturally drawn to evaluate and analyze services, information and products. Regardless of the product or service, I naturally provide input and insight. It is all about making it better and adding value. Or you might say it’s about Kaizen — continually making small improvements. To do better. Make a difference wherever you can. 


When I visit a retail, hardware or department store, I’m evaluating the experience. How are things displayed? Is the store well lit? Selection? Store & facilities clean. Good value for the money. Are the associates knowledgeable and helpful? All input factors in to my retail experience.

Same principle applies to reading a book, article or magazine – hard copy or online. Is it written well? Is it true or does it just sound true? Add value in any way? Could I recommend to a friend?

Effectively evaluating and critiquing products can be accomplished by using the product or tool. How is it designed? Missing pieces? Does it do what it says it’s going to do? Could I recommend it? Could I improve in any way? Instructions clear and easy to follow?

Much of my insight and material comes from travel, experiencing & using the product or service, asking “what if?”, learning from others, and much informal and formal education.

Currently Customer Service, Consumer and IT Consultant Looking For:

1. Technical and Business Writing. Write Technical Specifications, User or Software Manuals, Freelance Writing, Research and Online Articles.

2. Consumer Oriented Business Opportunities. Product Reviewer, Service Evaluator, Customer Service Critique, User Experience Professional.

Kevin’s Personal and Professional Principles

1. Simplify processes and procedures whenever possible

2. Listen carefully and attentively to the customer

3. Provide honest, fair and critical feedback

4. Apply value to purchases and decisions

5. Use technology and new tools and ideas to improve productivity

6. Employ honesty and integrity in all aspects of life

7. I will never stop asking why or why not

8. I will constantly learn and discover new things



CUSTOMER FOCUSED PROFESSIONAL looking out for the consumer or client who has purchasing power. To better inform or educate them. Help prepare them for some of the “gotchas” in the marketplace.

WHO ADDS VALUE fun, interesting, entertaining, informative, save $, alternative, challenge conventional wisdom, watch out for consumers, different approach, educationally oriented, balanced.

BY EVALUATING AND ANALYZING using my background, skill set, training, education & experiences, I will analyze and evaluate various things from a critical approach. This is done so my clients can see the real picture of the real cost of things.

SERVICES, PRODUCTS & INFORMATION information could be online information, newsprint articles, physical books or magazine. Any products I can touch, feel and smell and to get familiar. Service could include restaurant, administrative, fast food, gas station, book store, realtor, etc.

FROM A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE unique and critical perspective is to help consumers make a viable decision with their time and resources. If necessary, be a contrarian or engage in Positive Deviance. To create or have a unique perspective, sometimes challenge conventional thought or wisdom.

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