Is It A Buyer’s Market at Lambeau Field?

Contrary to popular belief, is it a buyer’s market at Lambeau Field?

022As most sports fans know, the Packers organization have done some upgrades over the last few decades so the capacity has increased incrementally so a curious man wonders, what’s the official capacity at this legendary stadium?

According to Wikipedia, Lambeau Field seating capacity is 81,441. Good news and according to, it lists the same capacity so we two online sources with the same attendance. To clarify, seating capacity is the number of people that can be seated in a given physical location.

According to one ESPN website, they list Lambeau at 80,750. I’ll give them a mulligan as they are within 1,000 seats. I checked another source, the and they include the capacity at 80,750. Again, within the ballpark (or should I say field) so not enough to quibble over. I’ve now included four sources of seating capacity at Lambeau with very similar capacity numbers.

a1The day after the Bears-Packers game on Thursday night (9/28/17), according to another ESPN website provided the attendance at 78,362, and listed the capacity at 72,928. That made me pause, how can one ESPN site list the capacity at 80,750? Facts can be sticky things, even at ESPN so I have to question, which website is not correct? On the other hand, is neither correct?

I wanted to bring one more element into the conversation. More than several years ago, the NFL changed how attendance was announced. It was originally turnstile clicks to determine the attendance. Today, if you ever review the box score after a game, the attendance is the amount of tickets sold. Which means it’s impossible for football fans to know the actual amount of spectators that attend a given game. That’s an entirely different topic, which I won’t get into today.

Assuming Wikipedia and are correct, if the capacity at Lambeau field is 81,441 and the attendance for the Bears-Packers game was 78,362 (according to ESPN), why aren’t more fans attending? As many NFL and Packer fans know, if you’re on the wait list for Packer tickets, it could be 30 years before you get access to tickets. In addition, if there’s so much demand for tickets, why are the Packers 3,000 fans short of reaching capacity?

Again, something is not right with this picture. Even though there’s an incredible demand for Packer tickets, I don’t expect the Packers to sell every ticket. Perhaps accuse my contrarian approach, but to have a 3,000-ticket disparity. What’s going on here?

042So again, I ask, what’s the capacity at Lambeau Field? As mentioned earlier, Wikipedia states the attendance is 81,441 and the record attendance is 79,704 (January 11, 2015). If you read the home box scores from Lambeau in ’17, the attendance is averaging around 78,000 (the number of tickets sold and not turnstile clicks). If this is accurate, then the Packers may have too much ticket supply and to a certain extent, a buyer’s market.