AYAA (Are You An Asshole) if…

dr wendyAYAA if you spend 10 minutes making noise with motorcycle in driveway, drive for 5 and proceed to spend another 10 minutes making noise in your driveway?

AYAA if your dog barks incessantly towards your neighbor’s backyard and then when you’re taking your dog for a walk you don’t apologize to your neighbor who’s in the front yard doing yard work?

AYAA if you speed down the highway while changing lanes in an orange porshe with disability license plates?

AYAA if you pull out into an intersection and block all traffic when no cars can move and then have the audacity to show an obscene gesture when someone honks their horn at you?

AYAA if you’re capable of snow removal on your sidewalk but for whatever reason, refuse to do so?

May 5 Pics 038AYAA if your dog runs across the street and confronts your neighbor who’s on his hands and knees in the front yard working without apologizing for your dog’s behavior?

AYAA if you usurp two parking spots because you’re driving a Cadillac Escalade and feel entitled to do so?

AYAA if you allow your kids to run around a restaurant screeching loudly while you calmly eat your food while some of the other restaurant goers are covering their ears when the screeching commences?

AYAA if your neighbor is having a family reunion or first communion party in the bacIMG_0804kyard and you continue to mow and weed wack even after noticing your neighbor’s party?

AYAA if you reserve beach chairs at a resort and then don’t use them throughout the day, occupying space that’s not actually being used by anyone?

new imageAYAA if you constantly complain about our state or federal government but then don’t find time to ever vote in elections?

AYAA if you’re totally convinced you’re not an asshole?

AYAA if you’re narcissistic and aren’t at all introspective and can’t ever admit when you make a mistake?

AYAA if you ding or hit someone’s car and speed away if you can get away with it?

AYAA if your only focus on Independence Day is to shoot off fireworks?