Challenging SeatGeek Experience with Hamilton Tickets in Chicago

z1Challenging SeatGeek Experience with Hamilton Tickets in Chicago

  1. Ordered Hamilton tickets from SeatGeek on 7/26/17 for the 10/08/17 matinee performance.
  2. At that time, learned tickets would be delayed, apparently imposed by venue for protection of the tickets. Two things I learned here: didn’t realize the tickets would be delayed; two, now dealing with FanXchange instead of SG.
  3. The credit card was charged in July, however, would not receive the tickets until early October.
  4. A few weeks before the show, inquired to FanXchange on the status of the tickets. Was told they’d arrive by October 6, 2 days before the show. Because of the logistics involved here with parking and meeting others for dinner after the show, wanted those tickets in hand weeks before the event.
  5. On 10/05/17, received an email from Allie from FanXchange that the tickets would be transferred shortly.
  6. Another email received on 10/6/17, the gist being, click here for help ( didn’t exist.
  7. Didn’t receive the tickets 2 days prior to show so I responded to Allie’s email on October 7 but received no reply. Quick thought, should FanXchange have a common mail list for customer support when the original sender of emails are not available to respond?
  8. On the day of the event and less than 5 hours before the play, called FanXchange and was on hold for 29 minutes. Frustrating and realizing they must think their time is more valuable than mine.
  9. While on hold, no queue identification, in other words, not sure how much time left before my call is handled.
  10. As I’m waiting, I see that all sales are final through an email sent on 8/7/17. You should receive tickets about 2 days before the event. Delivery dates are approximate and may change. WTF does this mean? Written by a litigator. If don’t receive tickets by event date, are all sales still final?

z2A Few Questions & Comments:

So these tickets were strictly for a mobile device, why not other options? If I’m driving 45 miles to Chicago from northern Illinois and my mobile device loses power, how to handle? If I need to reach customer service at FanXchange or Ticketmaster while driving to the venue, how to handle if my battery eventually loses all power? Take two phones? Bring a few battery back-up charger?

Chris from FanXchange Support handled my call after being on hold for 29 minutes. No apology or “sorry for the inconvenience” when he ultimately began to assist? He did help fill-in the blanks by saying FanXchange is the ticket reseller only.

One thing about this experience unrelated to SeatGeek or FanXchange pertains to the venue’s name change. When I purchased the tickets in July, the venue was called Private Bank Theatre at 18 W. Monroe Street in Chicago. According to the 09/18/17 Chicago Tribune, their name changed to CIBC Theatre. Unknown to me, when using Google Maps to determine where the Private Bank Theatre was located, I initially had a confusing time determining where I needed to go. It took a little orientation to realize the theatre had changed its name to CIBC Theatre.

z4Wanting to see Hamilton with my wife, there were several other dates I considered before settling on Sunday afternoon. In my situation, I had a budget, which prevented me from securing tickets on the first or second floor — settling for the balcony. I was resigned to that fact but when I chose a certain area to consider, a certain price was displayed although I didn’t have the option to choose a certain seat. Paying hundreds for a ticket and not knowing your exact seat number is not good service to the customer. The good news, being in row Q of the balcony (last row) meant we could stand or sit on the top of our fold out seat and not worry about obstructing the view from those around us. The bad news, a pole (see below photo) sometimes obstructed our view.

z3One positive after the call, Chris was able to contact Ticketmaster immediately to ensure I would get my tickets in time. Lavern Walowitz of Ticketmaster then sent me an email, which allowed me to login to Ticketmaster to secure my mobile tickets. Again, when I originally ordered by Seat Geek, I had no idea that I’d eventually have to login to Ticketmaster to secure my tickets. If anyone is interested in improving service, some that use Ticketmaster may not immediately remember their username and password were.

I’ve dealt with SG in the past where the process to secure tickets was very efficient and straightforward. Perhaps this experience was an anomaly. However, my perception of SG has changed and my overall opinion of using FanXchange for the first time would not quality for being customer centric.