20 Items Not On My Bucket List

Having a root canal

Vacationing in Alabama in August

Feeding pigeons in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice

Ice fishing in the Northwest Territories in January

Canoeing the boundary waters without insect repellant

Skiing Wilmot Mountain (it’s actually a hill)

Having to beg for money while wearing a suit

Being a prison guard at a maximum security prison

Cleaning teeth for a living

Roofer in Texas

Traffic Cop in Times Square

Chick flick marathon

Getting lost on the South Side of Chicago

Having to separate recycling into 3 or 4 different categories

Buying chips from this chain smoking good ole boy (see featured image)

Answering the home phone when you see the ‘Anonymous Private Caller’ displayed

Having to interview Bill Belichek of the NE Patriots or Nick Saban of the Crimson Tide

Learning Russian while living in Moscow during the winter

Sitting in front of infants on a transcontinental flight

Watching an International Football game indoors on artificial grass