Trader Joe’s Muesli Challenges & Rewards

m1About 8 weeks ago while browsing in Trader Joe’s, I stumbled upon their muesli, you know, that healthy cereal imported from Germany and Switzerland. It contains oats, raisins, sunflower seeds, barley, and rice crisp and to keep the nutrition as high as possible, I add almond milk and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Some who might try muesli won’t have that much time in the morning but if you can, being patient and letting it work its magic for an hour or so makes it much easier to digest and arguably more nutritious.

Because this was my rodeo with Trader Joe’s muesli, I only purchased two packages. Actually, it was quite good and at $3.99 per pound, could suffice as a healthy snack or a breakfast option.

The serving size is about 32 grams, so there are 14 servings per container. My experience is that I’ll get about 6 servings per package. Even in my wildest imaginations, I can’t fathom anyone just having 1 serving per meal. Perhaps I should reevaluate my serving size approach.

Driving home from work, I realized it was time to purchase a few more pounds of this cereal imported from Europe. Fortunately, at first glance, it appeared the entire cereal and nut aisle was well stocked. Unfortunately, the Trader Joe’s muesli was the only item missing on the otherwise packed shelf. Not knowing their inventory process, I asked if they had any in the storage area.


                       From Trader Joe’s

Unfortunately, WYSIWYG played a role (what you see is what you get). Fortunately, another shipment was going to arrive tomorrow.

Fortunately, Eric, a friendly store employee and the store leader took down my name and number and said someone would call me tomorrow. Unfortunately, a call never came from Trader Joe’s, even after several days.

Fortunately, that store is easily accessible in Libertyville and stopped in days later to inquire. Once new inventory was available, I grabbed a few more packages.

It’s good service that a retailer will record your mobile number and commit to calling you when the product arrives but that’s only part of the good service. They must oblige when that product arrives. Otherwise, next time this occurs and they tell me they’ll call when a product arrives, I’ll be unsure of the results.

One thing about Trader Joe’s that seems to occur at least once per store visit is the bell that’s used to keep track of their employees and to remind them of customers in need of service at the front of the store. It often reminds me of hiking in the Alps when those Brown Swiss cows have their bell attached to them so they don’t wander too far away.

m3Getting back to muesli, it has some sweetening added to it, rice crisp (brown rice, caramelized pear juice, concentrate and sunflower oil). Not having a sweet tooth, I’m not convinced there’s enough sweetener. However, I love the option of adding what I think will make it an optimal dish. It’s easy to add and quite difficult to take away so I’m good with their approach. If I were a muesli god, I’d make it a tad bit sweeter but I’m good with the ability to tweak it to my taste preferences.

According to the package, muesli loves yogurt. Add twice as much yogurt to your muesli and let it sit for 5-10 minutes or overnight for a thicker consistency. According to my experience, because of the raw ingredients, which includes oat flakes, 5-10 minutes is too short although you don’t have to wait overnight before consuming. An hour or two will work but if one likes mushy cereal, let it sit overnight.

m2 I bypass yogurt to soften. I use almond milk or soymilk, depending on one’s preference. Because there’s very little sweetener added, I try to find sweetened almond milk. Another option is Kirkland organic strawberry jelly to add sweetness. Sometimes, I may add orange juice or apple juice, which will soften the muesli and sweeten it at the same time.

Fresh fruit works too, including bananas, blueberries, apples, or dried figs. Cinnamon, honey or even peanut butter can sometimes add the right flavor to make it a healthy and excellent breakfast option. Adding small bits of chocolate might be an option from time to time to splurge during breakfast.

Needless to say, I will continue to purchase muesli at Trader Joe’s. However, I hope it doesn’t get too popular where it’s hit or miss in terms of finding it. I will continue to experiment with the ideal ingredients to find that perfect sweet spot. Perhaps there are several ways to add to the cereal to make it taste delicious. That is something I will ascertain in the upcoming months.