If Kurt Warner Is HOF Material, What Does That Make Aaron Rodgers?

hof3Kurt Warner played in the NFL for 12 years and had some successful seasons and a good career. Unfortunately, he didn’t make an NFL roster until he was 28. Who knows how his career would have turned out if he had a typical NFL career. He helped his teams reach the Super Bowl on two occasions. In fact, during a period of the 90’s, a nickname of the Rams was “The Greatest Show On Turf” to describe their record-breaking offense during the ’99-’01 seasons. Of course, he had help from Marshall Faulk, Orlando Pace and wide receivers Torry Holt and Issac Bruce.

In addition to his football success, Kurt Warner is a classy individual and family man. Well spoken, and well liked and respected by many former coaches and players. In addition, he’s quite popular as an NFL analyst and well admired. However, when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (HOF) this past summer, I indeed was surprised he made it so quickly. Therefore, I decided to review his career stats.

First mobility. I thought he was somewhat mobile QB but only had 286 rushing yards for his career. I guess one could say he had a powerful arm but was strictly a pocket passer.

hof2Taking a glance at Aaron Rodgers’ rushing today. Aaron has 2,544 yards in his career as of the start of the 2017-18 season. In fact, Rodgers has rushed for more than 286 yards 4 times in his career. One needs to realize not just the number but when this occurs, typically to extend a drive or as he’s targeted the end zone.

For his career, Kurt had 208 touchdowns to 128 interceptions. A 1.6 ratio of TDs to Interceptions. One might realize this ratio is not among the greatest and another takeaway is he only had 208 touchdowns in his career. Some NFL quarterbacks achieve that in 6-7 years, however, he played 12 years.

Total yardage of 32,344 yards, 66% accuracy. His TD to Interceptions was not great but his overall passer rating of 93.7 was quite respectable.

Like Warner, Rodgers has also played in 12 NFL seasons. He’s compiled 36,827 passing yards in his career and a 104.1 quarterback rate. Arguably, his greatest stat is TD to Interception ratio, thrown for 297 to just 72 interceptions, which is roughly 4 touchdowns to 1 interception.

Similarities. They both played for the Packers. Aaron, for his entire career and Kurt for his first year in the NFL. They both played a large part in the Midwest, as Kurt played for the St. Louis Rams for 6 years before traded to the NY Football Giants.

Both are 6′ 2″ and both played quarterback although Aaron might be 5-10 pounds heavier.

Both are two-time MVPs. Both have a Super Bowl ring although Kurt has made it to two Super Bowls and Aaron just one.

hof1Both had draft issues. Aaron was touted as top 10 but dropped to 28th….Kurt Warner went on to be considered the best undrafted NFL player of all time.

Kurt had started a total of 129 regular season & playoff games and won 76 of them. A winning percentage of 59%. As of August of ’17, Aaron has started 151 regular season & playoff games and won 99 of them. A winning percentage of 66%. Is the 7% difference that Rodgers has on Warner significant?

During one stint of his football career, Kurt did have a 183 to 43 TD to Interception ratio, which is better than Rodgers’ career stat. However, Kurt achieved this in the Arena League before making it to the NFL.

Is Rodgers a “shoe in” for the HOF? Some may say “No”; however, if Warner made it in his 3rd year of eligibility based on his career stats, there won’t be any hesitation that Rodgers will make it in his first year of eligibility. One could argue that the fact Kurt works for the NFL network has increased his chances of making the HOF as he has more brand presence.

There was an article written on ESPN.com by Nick Wagoner who said nothing comes easy for Kurt Warner. Indeed, it took him several years and many attempts to finally make an NFL roster; one could argue getting to the NFL was not easy. However, with his career stats and making it to the HOF in his third try, I would argue that was a gift from the football gods. With his shorten NFL career and slightly above average stats, one could argue it didn’t take 10 years or more of waiting to get into the HOF. Ok, he bagged groceries for a while in Iowa. However, he has a pretty good gig working for the NFL network the last 7 years.

IMG_2695Let’s address the elephant in the room. Kurt is a positive role model for the kids and always got along with the media. The fact that he’s a devout Christian and a good father could sway voters who were on the fence prior to voting. In other words, the opposite of what’s occurring with Terrell Owens and the HOF. In addition to Kurt’s squeaky clean image, he’s worked for the NFL network since 2010, hanging around other HOFers such as Deion, Marshall & Michael Irvin. A non-Hall of Famer rubbing elbows with other HOFers couldn’t hurt one’s case.

Do I think he’s HOF material? If you just look at his career stats, Kurt Warner is not a Hall of Famer. I believe in the end, his personality and squeaky clean image got him over the top. Do I think Aaron Rodgers is HOF material? Absolutely, at the very least, he’ll be on the Mount Rushmore of greatest quarterbacks of all time although there’s a chance he could go down as the GOAT (greatest of all time) or second GOAT.