Securing A Ticket To See Gordon Lightfoot At The Genesee Theatre

I was listening to some folk rock music weeks ago and several Gordon Lightfoot songs came streaming through. They included “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, “Canadian Railway Trilogy”, and “Early Morning Rain”. Once I enjoyed several of his classic songs, it was on to Wikipedia to see how active Gordon Lightfoot still is.

gordon3He’s now 78 and in no way did I think he’d still be touring but just to check, I perused his website and after a little digging, noticed he was going to be performing in my neighborhood on Friday, September 15 at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, IL. The following day, in Madison at the Overture center and then Sunday night at the Pabst theatre in Milwaukee.

I will say a cliché that Gordon is not getting any younger and one of these years, he may no longer tour. I have no illusions about his voice. He may not hit the high notes or be as strong as a forty-year-old performer; however, I’m thinking his music and excellent song writing should help cover his aging voice. BTW, never seeing him in concert and being 20 minutes away from the Genesee, I had to get tickets.

What platform should I use to secure a ticket? Over the last year, I’ve used Seat Geek and Stub Hub to secure sports and concert tickets. However, I realize they have some liabilities. In other words, if I configure Seat Geek for all concerts near Waukegan, IL, there may be a few concerts that appear at the Genesee for the next few months. In addition, 95% of the concerts that will appear are Chicago based which isn’t exactly Waukegan. Anyway, if you go to the Genesee online box office, (and will link you to Ticket Master), there are several concerts, comedians and other entertainment each week. It’s a lesson learned that you can’t rely on any ticket broker company to meet all your needs. For future reference, when I use those online ticket brokers, I’ll also check venues within 30 minutes of my house that aren’t necessarily covered by these brokers.

gordon2My journey to the Genesee will be a solo endeavor. None of those close to me have any interest in a Canadian folk singer so I’ll enjoy sans company. My focus was on securing a decent view of the stage while having an aisle seat as I’m not vertically challenged.. I chose row Z, seat 102. Prices for orchestra tickets ranged between $45 – 55. In fact, there were non-aisle $55 tickets within 10 rows of the stage. Of course, the $45 ticket becomes $61 for handling fees, over a 25% fee for handling. However, for the Capital Theatre in Madison, they were between $64.50 – 79.50. In Milwaukee, two nights after the Genesee concert, prices for main floor were between $55-$75.00. One might say I got a deal!

I will not rant about the handling fees. I know it inflates the price a little bit and because I’ve dealt with Ticket Master before, that was my expectation. At the close of the purchase, Ticket Master asked me if I wanted insurance. The statement read something about 30,000 people had purchased this insurance over the last month. No fees or prices were listed for this insurance. However, after my purchase, I got an email from Alliance Global Assistance saying I would be billed $7.99 separately for the insurance.

Two things, it’s disingenuous for Ticket Master to charge this insurance when that additional price was not included on that payment page. I was asked if I wanted insurance but no fee was listed, for a moment, I thought it was a bonus feature without charge. Two, billed separately? If I want insurance, I want one bill including all charges and not two separate credit card charges.

I’m looking forward to attending to see a musician who’s arguably the greatest song writer Canada has produced. Regarding Genesee, it will be my first among many concerts there in Waukegan. Being 20 minutes away and not having to pay for parking, it sure beats the challenges of a concert in Chicago.