Would You Rather…Part II


Would you (as a man) rather watch a chick flick or 30 minutes of straight TV commercials?

z2Would you rather be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning as of the fall of 2013?

Would you rather be a guitar aficionado or one on the saxophone?

Would you rather have had the life of JFK or Ted Kennedy?

Would you rather be Caroline Kennedy or Maria Shriver?

Would you rather be allergic to dairy or gluten?

Would you rather have a good field goal kicker or good punter?

Would you rather spent the winter months in Minneapolis or Cleveland in terms of the weather?

Would you rather have a great GM or great coach?

Would you rather have cheese or chocolate taken away from you for one year?

Would you rather own just vinyl or cassette tapes?

z4Would you rather enjoy a beautiful sunset or an ice cream cone?

Would you rather be Kevin Durant, the MVP of the NBA, or LeBron James?

Would you rather listen to Van Morrison or Bruce Springsteen for one entire month?

Would you rather be Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney? And why?

Would you prefer Eric Clapton or Jeff Bridges? Why the preference?

z3Would you rather be a great runner or swimmer?

Would you rather be smart or funny? Why?

Would you rather be a Broncos or Patriots fan?

Would you rather be Philipp Rivers or Jay Cutler?

Would you rather have had the life of Robert or Ted Kennedy?

Robbie Robertson or Van Morrison?

Would you rather be Linda Ronstadt or Joni Mitchell?

David Crosby or Graham Nash?

Jimmy Page or Roger Waters?

z5Cris Collingsworth or Phil Simms?

Would you prefer to be Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley?

Would you rather be Richard Branson or Warren Buffet?

Would you rather write for the NY Times or teach at Princeton? Or both?

Would you rather be allergic to gluten or peanuts?

Would you rather make it to the NCAA tournament once every 10 years but win it every second visit or make it every year and win it once every 30 years?


Costs aside, would you rather live in Lincoln Park (Chicago) or the West side of Manhattan?

Would you rather be famous during your life and leave no legacy or leave a great legacy once you’re passed on?

Would you rather spend one week in Seattle or San Francisco?


Kevin Schwarm

I have over 25 years of professional experience in business, information technology (IT), and customer service. Industry experience in retail, medical insurance, higher education, non-profit, financial services, and property and casualty insurance. Customer focused professional interested in providing value (save time, money and aggravation) by evaluating and analyzing information, services and products with a unique perspective.