Pot Calling The Kettle Black? Dan Patrick Variety

IMG_2017On a podcast several days ago, Dan Patrick said that Major League Baseball (MLB) would continue to allow the length of the games to continue. (Which is not factually correct as over the last several years, they’ve tried to implement policies to speed up the game). He said MLB would not take any serious steps to speed up the game until they are impacted in the pocketbook.

Ok, I get his point. I think he’s probably right, when fans complain about ticket prices or inferior play, leagues won’t necessarily take notice unless they’re impacted financially. However, let’s look at some of Dan’s work. Dan has three segments Monday through Friday and each segment is one hour long. A year or two ago, his podcast was about 36 minutes in length with only a commercial or two. Now they are 5 or 6 minutes longer. If you add 6 minutes of commercials to a once 36-minute podcast, it becomes 42 minutes long. I may qualify for the Captain Obvious Award but a IMG_2018longer podcast with no more content one might say is just commercial propaganda. Some of the regular ads include Continental Tires, Geico Insurance, Blue Apron and Dollar Shave Club razors.

Don’t get me wrong, his podcasts are quite good. Dan is an excellent interviewer and his guest list is quite diverse. And I love how he’s integrated the Danettes into the program. It’s definitely a good listen. However, in my mind, there are too many commercials for the value of the program so I’m inclined to just listen to the podcasts. I wonder when they made the change to add another 6 minutes of commercials to each podcast, was it part of the pilot? Where there focus groups used to see if the podcasts would remain quite popular? 

Over the last several years of the Dan Patrick show, they have cut a little content and added commercials to the simulcast (DirecTV and radio affiliates) as well the podcast. Kind of like MLB that Dan has referred to as being greedy. Even though the March Madness basketball tournament is incredibly exciting and unpredictable, some would argue the amount of commercial breaks has reached or exceeded the tipping point. Many sports broadcasts continue to push the envelope to increase profits. One could say it’s corporate greed that has been associated with sports broadcasting for many years. And some may say it’s very close to the tipping point where the annoyance exceeds the value of the broadcast. 

Z3As I mentioned above, with each 60 minute segment, you generally have 35 minutes of actual content, with about 25 minutes of ads. Dan, you’re welcome to talk about the length of the games in the MLB without talking about how your shows essentially do the same things. However, maybe that’s his point; he too is pushing the envelope on the amount of commercials based on his content. Said differently, perhaps he’s astute enough to know his content is so good, which allows him to push the envelope a bit from time to time. Sports capitalism at its finest. However, be careful Dan as listeners are fickle and may take your advice about MLB and apply it to your own show.