Microsoft Word 2010 Challenges

Word 2010 Challenges

2Whether someone is using MS Office 2010 and 2013 or a later version, changes in versions sometimes takes a little time to get acclimated to the new version. Experimenting with the new version and continued usage often helps flatten the learning curve. However, using this word processing software and noticing how MS Word 2010/2013 handles Spellchecker/Grammar is essentially the same way it did in 2003 and 2007 and maybe even 2000. If you are spellchecking your document and some of your sentences are very long, the dialog box is not large enough to see the entire sentence. Of course, this only occurs with long sentences although for some writers, this might be more common than others might. With recent upgrades to MSWord, one might think Microsoft could make this minor tweak, to allow writers/readers to see the entire sentence being highlighted. How many of these upgrades to MSWord pertain to design and how many to functionality? Will this ever be corrected?

When it comes to spellchecker, Word often struggles. After typing in mappped and processses (even though it changes automatically in WordPress), it chokes in Word. Does anyone know of any English words that contain three consecutive P’s or S’s? Another is businessses. Shouldn’t that automatically be changed to business? Common sense anyone.

Another word is addresssed. Can you imagine that? Is it possible for such a word to have three consecutive s’s? In fact, when it’s inputted into WordPress, WordPress would not allow another ‘s’ to be added so WordPress actually has to be tricked into inputting the incorrect spelling. Not the same approach done by MSWord.

Another challenge is how MSWord handles words that need to be continually corrected. For example, in the past, I worked on a project called Powersports. No abbreviation or not separate words. Initially, Word wants to change it to Power sports, or PowerSports. I get it, Word doesn’t know how to handle. However, as the word is continually corrected to Powersports, MSWord continues to provide alternatives. Without having to adjust any settings, can’t Word be intuitive to know this project is called Powersports and not Power sports or PowerSports?

1In the same vein, if management is correctly typed a number of times in other documents, and at some point, managment is typed, why can’t Word automatically correct this word? The fact that MS Word highlighting a potentially incorrectly spelled word is effective at the surface, however, I’d like the program to be more intuitive to know what I intended to say, especially because I had previously typed management many times prior.

One more thing about misspelled words, is there any reason why MS Word would flag a word that’s typed socccer? Does anyone know of an English word that has three consecutive C’s? Is this not absurd and unnecessary? Should not MS Word automatically correct this word to soccer?