Cretor’s Popcorn Mix Evaluation

Cretors – The Mix

z2Will they ever survey some of their customers about possibly changing the caramel to cheese ratio in Cretor’s The Mix?

I’ve never stopped to count each corn kernel but it appears there is a one to one mix between the caramel popcorn and the cheese popcorn — a nice juxtaposition between the two but is it the right combination?

I only buy Cretors at Costco, it comes in The Mix, the 26 ounce of buttery caramel corn and real cheddar cheese corn. The issue appears to be the cheese portion is always eaten first so if you’re one of the first lucky ones to dig into a new bag, you’ll push much of the caramel corn to the side as you fish for as many cheese kernels as possible.

Now, having seen my friends and family eat The Mix and focus on the cheese, can I make a suggestion to Cretors? I know Cretors may not be listening but let’s cut down on the caramel. It’s way too much. I’ve done an inz1formal survey with about 10 friends and family and the group unanimously votes to reduce the ratio of caramel to cheese. Some say 2 to 1, others say 3 to 1, I’d like to propose 4 to 1 or even a little higher.

In my mind, the cheese is better tasting than the caramel as it typically melts on your palate. The caramel corn is flavorful but is there too much of it? If the ingredient list wasn’t to change, you could still have much of the sweet flavor even if the ratio was reduced.

z4My adoption towards the change has very little to do with calories or health. If you subtract the caramel and add more cheese, it’s still not a healthy snack for the most part. But then again, how many snack foods in a 26 or 32-ounce bag are typically healthy?

Having said that, if you examine the ingredients closely, something interesting appears. For the first two ingredients for the caramel corn, you will find Non-GMO Brown Sugar and Non-GMO Cane Sugar followed by Non-GMO Popcorn. I’m glad they were able to add the corn somewhere within the caramel corn mix. For the Cheese Corn, the first two ingredients are Non-GMO Popcorn, Non-GMO Sunflower/or Safflower Oil followed by Cheddar Cheese. The Cheddar Cheese is comprised of pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt and enzymes. If the caramel is not sweet enough, their 5th ingredient is Non-GMO Brown Rice Syrup, which is also a sweetener. By cutting down on the ratio, you’ll also reduce some or much of the sweetness without adversely impacting the combination.

Is it economics? If Cretors added much more cheese and less caramel corn, would the price increase? If so, would it be a significant increase? In addition, are they fairly focused on the price point so changing things up would not be seriously considered?

To complicate things, I guess I could buy five bags of cheese corn and one bag of caramel corn and then manually mix them. I could in fact experiment with the ratio and sample others to see their first and second preference. Of course, this becomes more expensive and time consuming. In a perfect world, you could email or text the manufacturer to make that quick change.

z3Anyway, I’d like Cretors to consider making a change with this combination. You could keep ‘The Mix’ as part of the title and maybe amend it somehow. Maybe it could be called The Cheesy Mix (with some caramel corn) or The Cheese Lovers Mix (with 20% caramel corn). Not sure if it’s a best seller but it would definitely be among my family and friends.