Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish – Holiday Party Variety

So we had a holiday party with decorations and candles in tall glasses throughout the house.

The medium sized candles were added to these tall, skinny glasses with small white pebbles on the bottom — candles securely resting on these pebbles.

The holiday party went late which meant the majority of the candles burned half their life away as much melted wax covered much of the inside glass. How to clean up after the melted wax is stuck to the side of the glass? First, we’d chisel away the majority of the wax within the inside of the glass. Next, rid the bottom of the glass from those pesky white pebbles.


Once the majority of pebbles and wax were removed from the glasses, it was time to employ elbow grease. Filled the sink with hot, soapy water and cleaned the glasses in two shifts — 5 glasses in each shift. After being exposed to the water for 2 hours, the cleaning process became manageable. That’s the good news. Bad news, some of the pebbles actually found their way to the bottom of the garbage disposal.

After running the garbage disposal, it made a slow whiny sound and eventually made it to a hum. My initial reaction was how much was this going to cost…however, looking for silver lining, perhaps it’s repairable.

We retrieved the owner’s manual and wrench in the attempt to dislodge the jammed particles before restarting the GD. The hum continued and it started to leak through the bottom of the GD.

True disclosure, it’s been 10 years since we had our original garbage disposal replaced. I decided to upgrade and purchase an Evolution Supreme Stainless Steel 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal by InSinkErator. Some features beside the 1 HP include: three stages to quickly grind food wastes, 7 year warranty, Dura-Drive motor to provide quiet operation and long life. To some, it may be overkill but you only live once. But wondering if I’d have regrets as the price exceeded $300.



Ultimately, 10 glasses were cleaned and rescued so at 60 cents each, I saved about $6 on glasses by cleaning them. However, I’ll sheepishly say the new garbage disposal cost 50 times the amount we saved on glasses. Notwithstanding  purchase time, research on what to buy and installation costs. Can anyone say penny wise and dollar foolish?

What else did I learn? Only use the GD for soft food items? Remove the GD and replace it with just basic plumbing pipes?  Or, upgrade to a much higher HP so I worry less about how and when to use it?

Regardless of what I chose, many would say this experience cost me much money than I saved by cleaning the glasses.

Or said differently, penny wise and dollar foolish.