What Should I Expect at the Libertyville DMV?

wide-shotI’ve lived about .25 mile from the DMV in Libertyville. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this facility will move to Lake Zurich sometime early in 2017. As most Illinois motorists know, visiting the DMV might be on par with getting a root canal. Pardon my hyperbole but for anyone who has visited the DMV in Illinois recently might get the picture. Indeed, it’s better organized than years prior, compliments to the Secretary of State Jesse White and his office. However, bring a big bucket of patience before entering those front doors.

Living so close to the facility gives you a chance to swing by, review the lines, and wait time. Determining the size of one’s patience bucket relates to parking, if you get dizzy circling the parking lot, that’s not a good sign. Even parking is available, one never knows the time it might take but at least you know it’s not swamped so you might give it a whirl.

cropDuring my last visit, I stopped by at around 2 pm on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Roads were busy with holiday shoppers and several grocery stores conveyed to me it might just be a good day to stop by the DMV. Maybe drivers are not focused on title transfers, plate renewals or other things one might do at an DMV. I apply logic to facility that often defies logic.

The good news, the initial review station was not busy at all with two employees directing visiting where to go…the bad news, what lay ahead.

1-line-openYour initial interaction is good as you step into the facility and there are two friendly employees ready to direct you to the correct station. Once at the right station, that’s where the delays lie. I had to pay for my 2017 registration renewal and stood in line for about 30 minutes. If this were a grocery store, some shoppers would walk out, leaving their items as orphans thinking it should not take 30 minutes to pay for your grocery items.

Again, some good and bad news at the cashier station. I was content to see only about 14 adults ahead of me in queue. The bad news, only one cashier was working and if several customers whose faces I could not see had complex or time consuming transactions, delays would occur. Unfortunately, my prediction was accurate. Sometimes, I hate being right. Sometimes my logic and efficiency gene can get me into trouble. To mitigate my view of the lack of efficiency, I dug into my patience bucket and continued to smile.

It’s not necessarily the time spent here which I find bewildering. It’s the expectation set at the front desk that things appear to run smoothly here as you’re directly to your station. That’s often where the bottlenecks occur. It’s customer centric at first glance until the majority of your time will croppedbe spent waiting in line. Again, I don’t mind waiting in line but with only 1 cashier station open with a total of 3 available, frustration can come into play. 

During this holiday week, I understand if the DMV is short staffed as many employees are taking time off. However, could management better adjust their staff to better serve their clients? Yes, as taxpayers we are clients regardless of how we’re treated or how we’re thought of by the DMV management.

Do others have the same thoughts as they are waiting in line to be serviced at the DMV?




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