Survey Blues II


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Survey Blues II

So I get an email today from Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC asking me if I’d complete the Big Ideas Survey. Being curious, especially what the big ideas are all about, I hesitate briefly before I click on ‘take the survey now’ which brings you to

First, not sure why he’s emailing me as I’ve not requested any emails or surveys from either presidential candidate.

When I start to review the survey, there were 30 questions associated with this survey. Is that too long for a survey to begin with? Even if it’s completed by some in lieu of so many questions, how do you ensure the results are accurate and then valuable? Sure, there’s a promise of a gift card or a chance to win $100, however, isn’t there a chance the results might be skewed based on those respondents who are more motivated to perhaps win $100 and less focused on providing valuable data to the RNC?

lexus-service-department-020Besides the long survey, the email from Mr. Priebus didn’t level-set the survey expectation. He didn’t say it was going to be 30 questions. He didn’t say that it’s quite long but he really appreciates your input. I don’t remember seeing it might take 15 minutes.  Was the lack of a level-set done deliberately or due to survey incompetence?

Big Ideas from a Republican? From a party of ‘No’?

The email also states that Hillary Clinton and her liberal allies in the Senate are trying to make this election about anything other than a contest of ideas. Is he saying that Hillary doesn’t have any ideas or policy proposals if elected president? Can we have a fact checker on his email? Obfuscation anyone? By going to her website, Secretary Clinton clearly spells out many of her visions if she becomes president. Some of these include: A fair tax system, early childhood education, fixing America’s infrastructure, gun violence protection and immigration reform to name just a few of her policies. Has Mr. Priebus seriously looked at her website?

At the end, they want my full name, email address and zip code too. Wait, how do I benefit here? Nein, danke.


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