Charlie’s Angels’ Actress Jaclyn Smith is Totally Unrecognizable Today

1So I’m reading an online article on NY Mag website and I see a pic of Jaclyn Smith and the caption reads: ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Actress Jaclyn Smith is Totally Unrecognizable Today’. Being bored at work, I guess I couldn’t resist so I clicked on the link http://sportingz.

A few things:

The first page provides a picture of each beautiful woman from the 70’s. Full disclosure, there are 29 famous women included, the first includes the 70’s picture and the next page provides a more current picture. To view each picture, you have to scroll down each page if you’re interested in avoiding the ‘ad trap.’ Any guess how many times you have to do this in order to see all pictures?

Look, most famous people and celebrities don’t always age well. Having said that, they are humans like normal people so most of us don’t age the way we’d like. That’s why aging has a negative stigma. However, I don’t agree that actress Jaclyn Smith is totally unrecognizable today. Of course she’s older and perhaps not as young and beautiful as 40 years prior, but she has some resemblance to her picture from the 70’s (I won’t even get into any cosmetic changes with celebrities and famous people).

There are 29 famous women who are featured. However, Jaclyn Smith is the last celebrity listed. I hope the producers of this website are proud that some fool (like me) actually clicks almost 60 times (carefully avoiding the ads splattered about the page) before confirming or refuting their statement that Jaclyn Smith is totally recognizable today. Once finished, I again say that there’s still a resemblance between today’s pic and from years ago.

2What did I learn?

  1. I will be less likely to visit their site http://sportingz.
  2. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
  3. If I simply wanted to view Jaclyn Smith’s before and after picture, next time I will Google ‘Sportingz and Jaclyn Smith’ to save time.
  4. I wasted about 10 minutes and I guess not surprised that the headline to capture my interest appeared on the last possible page.
  5. I believe the Sportingz site provides users with a daily fix of sports, opinion, entertainment, etc. I wonder if other sites marketed similarly make you traverse through the jungle of ads before you find what you were originally interested in?

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