Survey Expectations – Part I

I receive an option to complete a survey as I’m a recent Acura owner.  It piques my interest as I’m sometimes interested in providing my input, especially if they are not too long. Not knowing how long of a survey, I decided to forgo my initial reservations and provide my honest input. After completing about half of this survey which I realized was much more involved than I initially had anticipated, I decided to cancel it. I’ve included the content of the survey request as well as my comments and input about the survey request and length.

Dear Acura owner, you have been selected to participate in a short survey to express your feedback. Your input will help make the Acura community experience better for everyone.  To take the survey, please click the link below, or copy and paste the following address into the address bar of your browser.

What criteria is used to determine who is target to complete this survey? Is it all Acura owners or do they randomly choose a select sample of recent Acura owners from their database?

Also, how do they define a short survey? Is it 8 questions, or will it take just 5 minutes? What’s their definition of a short survey? My definition might be 5 questions which takes 3 minutes. Full disclosure, I answered questions on at least 15 screens and the survey was not 50% complete. In my mind, that’s not a short survey.

Click to Enter Survey

If for some reason the above link does not work, you may go to and then enter your personal password listed below on the first screen. Your personal password is: xxxxxxxxxx We appreciate your input! As a thank you for participating in this survey you will have the option to enter into a sweepstakes to potentially win one of five Amazon gift cards, with a value of $100 each. For sweepstakes rules, please click here. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your feedback.


So I have an option to win one of five Amazon gift cards (each with a value of $100) for completing the survey. Don’t know of anyone who has completed surveys have won this type of award. What are your chances of winning generally speaking? In other words, how often will they draw a name for a Amazon gift card? One in twenty? Hundred? Or a thousand? It would be nice to know. Especially if the survey takes me 15 minutes to complete.

Brakethrough Research, an independent market research firm, is conducting this online survey on behalf of Honda R&D. For questions about its validity, you may email us at We respect the personal nature of e-mail communication.

So I respond to the email from Brakethrough Research and I get a returned email “Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed” Great, so they’re interested in my input about the car but don’t provide a channel for survey takers about the survey itself. Perhaps they should survey survey takers on their opinion about the survey.

I don’t mind completing surveys and providing valuable input but this survey is way too long. At 50%, I decided it was wasting too much of my time. I’d recommend that you set the expectation of the types of questions involved and how long it will take. questions.

It’s quite often that I begin to complete a survey without knowing the length. Sometimes, you’re response to certain questions will generate several more pages of more details questions related to your response. It goes on and on, and it’s difficult to know how long it will take. What’s also disheartening is when the graph the represents the completion percentage hardly moves per page of questions as you know the survey will take much longer than anticipated. So to my earlier point, the survey producers need to “level set” prospective survey takers so they have an idea what to expect. Otherwise, there may be inaccurate or incomplete surveys done when people continue to get survey questions as they are thinking to themselves that this survey should be done.


I was unable to find their website. I did find reference on LinkedIn and Facebook to Brakethrough Research, however, could not find their actual website to obtain additional information. BTW, if you type in, their site does appear.

Kevin Schwarm

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