Tony Kornheiser and The Fact Checker

So Tony Kornheiser, cohost of PTI claims he has a full-time fact checker. Indeed, he exaggerates all the time and apparently that’s not part of the fact check process.

1. Tony Kornheiser said after the college player hung on the rim for about 6 seconds said it was an hour. As you know Tony, there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. Therefore, one hour is 3600 seconds. If he hung on the rim for 6 seconds, that’s about (.00166) 1/10 of 1%. Tony, how long have you been exaggerating?

2. So on 3/23/15, Tony claimed that Georgetown and Maryland should play each other as they are in close proximity to one another and to refuel the rivalry between these schools. Tony proceeded to say they are only 5 miles apart. At that point, I thought that was a slight exaggeration although Tony and Mike are prone to this hyperbole from time to time. Seconds after says that, he repeated it at least 3 more times.

After using Google Maps, by bike, these two universities are about 11.5 miles apart. If you’re able to walk, they’re 10 miles apart. If you try two separate car or bus routes, they are 17.3 and 22.4 miles respectively. Tony, you’re a smart due although you’re way off on your claim they are 5 miles apart. Tony, I’ll give you a mulligan if you exaggerate once, however, if you repeat it 3 or 4 times, I’ll call you on it.

ptf3. On 6/20/16, Tony said Richard Jefferson is 50 years old when discussing the NBA finals. Actually, RJ is 35. To be fair, he will be 36 on June 21, 2016 but still, 36 is a long way from 50, especially someone who just helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win their NBA title.

4. On the 8/17/16 podcast, Tony and Mike were discussing the amount of success the men’s Olympic team were having and Tony was underwhelmed by how well they were playing. He suggested LeBron James and Stephen Curry should be there to make the team much stronger. He then went on to say that they abandoned their country by not participating. This was a podcast so I could not see if Tony had a gleam in his eye but I don’t think so. These are two great pro basketball players who have played over 100 competitive games over the last few seasons. Regardless of the reason, they have the right to choose whether or not to participate and Mr. Kornheiser, you are dead wrong with your analysis.

BTW, LeBron has represented his country during 3 past Olympics. It’s interesting that Tony didn’t mention that in the same context as abandoning their country.

5. On the 09/14/16, Tony said San Diego Chargers gave up 1000 points in the second half. Not 40, 80, or 120 points but a 1000 points. It’s hyperbole, or could you say, it’s exaggerated hyperbole?

One more thing, as I was finishing this article, they were talking about sports’ MVPs who won the award while playing for a losing team. Michael Wilbon, or as I referred to his as ‘Chicago Mike’ mentioned Bob Petit winning the MVP while playing for the St. Louis Hawks in a losing season. Mr. Kornheiser suggested Bob Petit played in the 1940’s, however, Mr. Petit played in the 1950’s instead. His career started in 1954 and ended about 1 week later. If not an exaggeration, then he needs to spend more time studying sports’ almanacs while commenting on his national podcast (and ESPN Pardon the Interruption show).

He suggests the importance about the integrity of the game. He also claims he has a fact checker associated with PTI to ensure he doesn’t over exaggerate or misstates actual facts. Is that accurate about the fact checker? From my view, it appears that he doesn’t always care about the accuracy of providing his sports’ analysis after the game has been played.