Bait and Switch by DirecTV?

Bait and Switch?

IMG_0985We switched from UVerse to DirecTV in April of this year. I remember talking with the DirecTV sales representative at Costco who mentioned there are thousands of free movies on DirecTV, which piqued my interest. In addition, there would be a significant cost savings for the first year, the second year with a price increase, would still provide a cost savings. With a two-year contract, and other bonuses provided with the partnership between Costco and DirecTV, we decided to take the plunge.

I was at home in April when the satellite dish was installed on the back of our house. The satellite dish was larger than I had expected and certainly surprised my wife once she got home from work; however, my optimism told me it was in the back of the house, which would not impede our home’s curb appeal.

IMG_0994Back to free movies. On Saturday night, I decided to peruse the free movies to see what was available. To get there, and not easy to find, I chose free movies under the movies category. If I had chosen new releases or what’s popular, I knew a fee was involved. To mitigate the expense of watching a new release movie, I choose free movies. Some of the categories included biography, documentary, drama, horror, & foreign films. I began to browse in the hopes of finding something of interest. Unfortunately, many of the movies I wanted to view or preview were not free. Many of these were produced or owned my Cinemax or HBO. Therefore, when I chose a handful of movies, it asked me to subscribe. I was confused as I was in the free category. I didn’t get it. Does free mean it’s free after you select it within the free category and once you enroll in HBO, it’s free to view. If that’s accurate, I’m thinking for many movies, it’s under the category although some of these movies require an enrollment or additional free. I can’t get into the minds of the minds of DirecTV’s management or designers to ascertain if it’s intentional or unintentional. Regardless, would this qualify for “bait and switch?”

IMG_0985One other situation that may qualify for bait and switch. DirecTV has a HD Sportsmix channel and in theory is a good idea. With this Sportsmix, you can see 4-6 sports channels to view and decide which event you want to view. Again, a great idea except several of these channels is unavailable. For example, if I select CBS sports, it prompts the viewer to order this channel. Same with the tennis channel, you’re prompted to upgrade. Yes, if I select NBC sports, ESPN, FOX sports or NFL network, you’re good to go but not with CBS sports or the tennis channel. I’m IMG_0989confused, if I have access to ESPN and NFL network, I’m thinking my package should give me access to the other sports channels. Besides, if they are listed under the HD Sportsmix, they should be available to me. If not, remove them from this option. Again, I ask, would this quality for “bait and switch?”



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