What Makes A Good Guest? Part II

Over the last several years, we’ve had family and friends stay at our home for a number of days or be invited to a picnic or cocktail party. Our motto is to treat our guests special, trying to make their visit as pleasurable as possible. Do onto others as you’d like them to do onto you. Even though we do our best to make things as enjoyable and comfortable for our guests, we sometimes have challenges with certain guests. When some of the same behaviors are exhibited by certain guests, we start to take notice. This post includes some of the more frequent behaviors I’ve observed by guests and attendees who may not qualify for the Good Guest Award. As you will quickly observe, these are things Good Guests should not do…

What makes a Good Guest (GG)? 

edit1Does a Good Guest forget to thank you for the party or picnic invite?

Does the Good Guest who is staying with you for several days and using the guest bathroom not keep it clean when others will be using the same bathroom?

Is a Good Guest invited to a picnic or dinner party mingles very little with other guests and attendees?

Does a Good Guest refuse your invite to the bridal shower and wedding while using the reason they are too busy to attend?

Is a Good Guest’s response about where they want to be seated under the lawn tent say, “As far away from the others as possible?”

Does a Good Guest come to a cocktail party, stand in the corner with a glass of Chardonnay, and not mingle?

Does a Good Guest not bring a gift if they are staying at your home for more than a few days? On the other hand, not buy any groceries or not offer to cook a meal or two during their extended stay?

Does a Good Guest continue to hang out in the family room dining and eating when the hosts are cleaning up after the party?

zzzDSC_0203Does a Good Guest use hand or bath towels that are in the closet and haven’t been put out for them to use when other towels are currently displayed?

Does a Good Guest park their car or rental wherever it’s convenient even though it may not be convenient for the hosts?

Does a Good Guest creep on the host’s personal space or use closets or special cookware or bake ware without first getting permission to do so?

Does a Good Guest leave bath towels on the guest bathroom floor after showers while other guest and home members use the same bathroom?

Does a Good Guest ever gossip or criticize their hosts or family members during their stay?

Does a Good Guest gossip or tell negative stories about other hosts they may have had in the past, it makes the current hosts wonder what these guests might say about them in the future?

Kevin Schwarm

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