Do I Want to Chip in for Donald Trump’s Campaign?

z1So, I get an email from Paul Manafort, Campaign Chair and Chief Strategist, Trump for President asking me if I want to chip in for Donald Trump’s campaign.

A few hours later, I get an email from Eric Trump, Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization

Join my father and me, and chip in a $10, $20, $50, $100, or $250 contribution today. Will you help us SHOCK Hillary Clinton and the political establishment? 

I’m on the mailing list because I applied for tickets to an event that was oversold. More about that later…

First, Mr. Manafort asked for a $5 contribution with other varying amounts and Eric Trump jumped right to other larger contributions.

Second, who decided that America wasn’t great? Of course, we have a slew of issues that needs addressing, but which administration didn’t have many things on their plate. If those decisions were easy, they’d never end up on the president’s desk.

Third, America could apply to Canada, El Salvador, Mexico, etc. I think if you’re not geographically challenged, you get the picture.

z3Fourth, why the name-calling? Crooked Hillary. Whether we think she’s crooked or dishonest doesn’t mean we have to resort to name-calling. Let’s focus on the issues and what policies you’ll propose to address these issues.

The email states — I know that my father has the vision, determination and tenacity to get great things done for our country – something he’s proven throughout his life and career. I’ve worked side by side with him in business, and I’ve watched him up close in action my entire life. 

z2My comments, when will Mr. Trump get specific with his policy plans? When will we get specific domestic and foreign policies instead of generalizations and boasting that Americans will be so happy when I’m president. And stop saying, “things will be great when I’m in the Oval Office.”

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump hit it out of the park when he delivered a scathing indictment of world-class liar Hillary Clinton’s disastrous record and dangerous agenda.

It has been hailed as the speech conservative Republicans have been waiting decades to hear from their presidential nominee. How many of the conservative Republicans hailed the speech as something they’ve been waiting decades for from a presidential nominee? Can we get actual numbers?

In addition, on Friday, Mr. Trump released a powerful statement commending UK voters for taking a stand for freedom and independence. They voted to take their country back and determine their future, just as the American people can do on November 8, 2016. 

Wait, let me get this straight, Mr. Trump released a powerful statement commending UK voters for taking a stand for freedom and independence. Pardon me for thinking, but UK is represented by more than England. What about Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland? In fact, N. Ireland voted 58% to stay in the EU along with Scotland. In fact, 62% of Scottish voters didn’t believe the smear campaign about taking a stand about being free and independent. One more thing, while Mr. Trump was admiring the improvements to his golf course in Scotland, he commended the Scottish people for voting for freedom and independence even though they wanted to stay in the EU. I guess Mr. Trump would never let facts interfere with a good story.

z4Does he know how to count? After the Supreme Court ruling was made in late June, Mr. Trump complained that the abortion ruling would have been different if Justice Anton Scalia were still alive. Besides the obvious fact that Mr. Scalia passed away some months ago, Donald Trump struggles with math as the ruling by the 8 person court was 5-3. If Justice Scalia were still alive, it would have made no difference as the ruling would have been 5-4. Donald, think before you speak.

One more thing, Mr. Trump was scheduled to speak at the UIC Pavilion in early April. Because my daughter is a student, we were among the first to secure tickets. I really wanted to hear what he had to say. Therefore, we spent 2 hours in rush hour traffic in Chicago to hear him speak. Unfortunately, the speech was cancelled. However, there were tens of thousands of people in line. In fact, when the speech was cancelled due to security concerns, I estimated there were close to 15,000 people waiting in line for tickets. What kind of a campaign distributes more tickets than seats available? I find that lacking transparency and disrespectful. Not sure who made that decision, but it seemed to me that our time was not considered by the Trump campaign.

Kevin Schwarm

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  1. Daniel says:

    Donald Trump is a fascist!