What Makes a Good Guest? Part I

Over the last several years, we’ve had family and friends stay at our home for a number of days or be invited to a picnic or cocktail party. Our motto is to treat our guests special, trying to make their visit as pleasurable as possible. Do onto others as you’d like them to do onto you. Even though we do our best to make things as enjoyable and comfortable for our guests, we sometimes have challenges with certain guests. When some of the same behaviors are exhibited by certain guests, we start to take notice. This post includes some of the more frequent behaviors I’ve observed by guests and attendees who may not qualify for the Good Guest Award. As you will quickly observe, these are things Good Guests should not do…

What makes a Good Guest (GG)? 

Does a Good Guest move the beds together and move the nightstands around in the guest room without a request on the first night of their visit?

Does a Good Guest automatically throw aluminum cans and plastic plates away without asking if you recycle?

Montreal 2014 298 Does a Good Guest complain about the air conditioning temperature of the house when it’s still spring in the Midwest?

Does a Good Guest come to their daughter’s birthday party over 1 hour late when we said the night prior what time we’d leave for the party (restaurant)?

Does a Good Guest say “This hotel sucks because the bathroom was occupied,” even though they may kidding. Does a Good Guest say that?

Does a Good Guest mention to others (behind your back) sarcastically that you’re a good driver when you’re outside getting the car ready to take them to the airport?

Does a Good GuMontreal 2014 299est who’s been visiting the house for nearly 13 years not know where the recycling container is located?

Does a Good Guest 15 minutes before dinner say her and her boyfriend and daughter are going out for food considering they have special dietary needs (gluten, garlic and dairy free) which you made a point to prepare special Mexican dishes?

Does a Good Guest question why you’re going to wash & reuse your plastic red glasses for the extended weekend when you’re trying to save a little money and help out the environment?

Does a Good Guest spend 45 minutes in the bathroom getting ready when they know there are 4 other guests waiting to use the same bathroom?

Does a Good Guest not once offer to clean the dishes, empty the dishwasher or help prepare a meal while staying at your home for 4 days?




Kevin Schwarm

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