Corporate Behavior Tips



From my perspective, I’ve compiled a few rules or guidelines cube mates should remember to help make their work environment pleasant for all.

  • Do not apply finger nail polish or remover. It may leave an unpleasant odor. There are some people near your desk who may be allergic to such a smell. Better to leave this task for your home or car environment.
  • If you must use the phone for personal reasons, keep the call brief and quiet. There’s nothing more irritating where someone will take a personal call on their cell phone and talk loudly for 15 minutes. It’s annoying and unnecessary.
  • If you are on a conference call, avoid the temptation of using your speakerphone. Using your speakerphone to significantly disrupt your area. It’s recommended to use your headset or find a hoteling space somewhere in the building.
  • If you’re on a conference call and some attendees sometimes may ask you to repeat yourself, you may have a bad headset or connection. Pay attention to those cues that may not anything to do with your speech or enunciation but rather, the medium you’re using.
  • When you are chatting with others by your cube, please respectful of others. Try to limit the conversation to a few minutes. If necessary, invite those in the conversation to coffee or move out of that area.
  • Tastefully decorate your cube. There’s a certain amount of decorum needed in a corporate environment.
  • For perfume wearing, please wear tasteful perfume and ensure it’s not overpowering so it is not smelled by everyone. At an old company, I could ascertain if she was at her desk as I walked by even before seeing her. Honest and constructive feedback with such a situation may be required.
  • If you have a radio at your desk, please play it at a low level as to not interfere with others.


If you work in the corporation or you’re self-employed and you’re asked to participate in a technology pilot or new security patches, be very careful before saying yes. Look, you may want to do the project manager or technology area a favor, but what are the pluses and minuses? Often, the new technology may not have been thoroughly tested and if you participate, you’re part of testing (even though it’s not labeled as such).

The main advantage is helping out a colleague or department which is admirable if the product is well designed and tested. The main disadvantage may be that your system crashing or you lose your data. Being somewhat self-centered, you typically don’t have much to gain. However, if you’re offered financial or technology incentives, that may change the picture. But if IT analysts are simply looking for user participants for new technologies, I’d seriously think twice before saying “yes”.


Do you ever walk away from a conversation from a colleague and feel it was a waste of time? In other words, after speaking with someone, do you feel there was value or not much value in that conversation?

To be more influential, you need to ask yourself if other people want you to be around? Do people gravitate towards you? Do you have a positive effect on those you talk with where they may be likely to gravitate towards you in the future? If not, you have an opportunity to change you approach. Try adding more value to those conversations by changing your approach. Pay attention to how others react to what you say. If necessary, try tweaking your approach and pay attention to the results. If you stay aware of what you’re doing, you can try and increase the chance to add value to your conversations.