VIVA Water Cooler Evaluation


So I purchased a Viva water cooler from Costco about 18 months ago and the retail price was $149.99. Shortly thereafter, I was sent a survey which I completed begrudgingly. I say begrudgingly because what do you really know about such water cooler a few days after use? With 2something like a water cooler, you have to “kick the tires” sort of speak to get a feel for the product – pros and cons.

Now that I’ve used most features of the product and know its shapes and sounds, I’m in a much better position to evaluate. Unfortunately, no surveys will be sent to me evaluating the product 6 or 12 months after my experience as a user is much more complete. Would not companies benefit by waiting before sending out a survey? Would it not be easier to respond quickly to a self-address postcard sent to owners a certain period of time after purchasing? I guess a Costco member has the option to evaluate the product online months after purchase but how many buyers would take the time to do this once they’re regularly using the item?

So what would I say if I was sent a survey or evaluation today? First, even when you remove the drip tray, it’s limiting to the size of containers you can use. I have a glass water container about 12 inches tall that we use for dining and that does not fit under the cold spout even after removing the drain. This container has to be moved to a partial right angle before filling. Sometimes, and especially if newbies use this tool, the angle of the container is not exactly aligned to the spout so liquid may run down the water cooler.

The second issue pertains to the hot and cold water openings — they are too close to the water cooler. That means that you have to hold water bottle or glass very close to the unit to avoid any spillage. Having the spouts another inch or so away from the machine may provide the user more flexibility when filling up various containers. In addition to this, the unit can be noisy regardless of using the hot or cold water. When you have it near the kitchen table and after use, it can be somewhat noisy while watching a quiet movie of having a quiet conversation.
3 I’m not completely unsatisfied with this product although I’m not completely satisfied with it. The best feature of this product is that it’s still functioning after 1 1/2 years. Another nice feature is having the safety option with the hot water, this helps prevent younger people from being burned by hot water. I also enjoy the unit producing consistent hot and cold water and it’s nice to know it’s an energy star producer.

Having said that, there are little things about the design of the product that a owner may not realize right away so why the quick survey? It may take time to get a complete feel for the product in order to provide accurate and valuable feedback to the company. However, you are not surveyed one or two years after the fact, it’s within the first week of purchasing such a product so the value of information you provide may not be as useful.




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