15 Things That Make me UnAmerican???

15 things that may make me Un-American (To Some Americans)

  • Can’t stomach country & western music.
  • Don’t love vintage automobiles.
  • What’s the fuss about Harley Davidson motorcycles?
  • Never eaten at Arbee’s.
  • Enjoy Independence Day without fireworks/firecrackers.
  • Wary of politicians handing out mini-American flags during parades.
  • I’ve never owned a Chevy or F150 Ford pickup truck.
  • Don’t have a fishing or hunting license.
  • Wish Texas would secede.
  • Don’t even like cowboy hats worn in the movies.
  • Disney world is OR (Over rated).
  • Tired of fireworks on the 4th of July.
  • Don’t own a red, white and blue outfit for Independence Day.
  • I don’t think of tats as a status symbol.
  • I don’t like monster trucks. Regardless if they’re the indoor venue variety or on the road.
  • I look at politics with a nuanced perspective. It’s not black and white.
  • Florida or Georgia doesn’t have a monopoly on rednecks. Besides the south, they exist in Iowa, Montana, Wisconsin and Michigan.

So I just listed 15 items that could qualify me as Un-American. Isn’t diversity great?