Incorporate all NFL Teams?


I used to love the Packers, not the people who pack meat, but the team with a storied franchise in the NFL.

NFL Shield

NFL Shield

Anyway, things have change about my perception of the team, perhaps it’s more coaching. It may have started about 5 or 6 years ago and for the most part, I point to the head coach, Mike McCarthy, who in the past was the offensive coordinator. I know it’s crazy to blame the coach, and I’m sure there’s some fault that could be spread around, but my focus is on McCarthy.

Needless to say, McCarthy’s play calling for the most part is creative and often genius. There are a handful of plays during the year where I marvel at his ingenuity — certainly has an offensive oriented mind. This offensive football skill typically applies for most of the game. However, at different times of the 4th quarter, his creativity is often not evident. Quite often, he’ll get cold feet (not literally as the field is heated at Lambeau) sometime during the final 15 minutes. I can’t point to all the games where this has occurred, it’s more of a perception of Mike trying to hold the lead not by scoring more points, but by prevented any more points being scored on.

The potential straw was the NFC championship this past season against Seattle. Instead of leveraging his first class QB and strong offensive line, along with an adequate running attack, the Packers appeared to “let off the gas” on offense against the Seahawks with about 5 minutes left in the biggest game most current Packers have ever played. Déjà vu all over again – at that time, I knew Pete Carroll, the Seahawks coach was going to try anything to win. There were several ineffective drives by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, some special teams’ errors, and some questionable defense during the last 10% of that crucial game. Again, conservative play calling on offense put the pressure on special teams and the defense. Why not excel in all aspects of the game and eliminate any thoughts or hope your opponents thinking they have a chance. I don’t think Seattle won the game, the Packers lost it. Again, offensive conservative play calling during this crucial end of game.


I’d love for each NFL team to become incorporated and issue stock (real stock Packer fans) to fans and other investors who want to financially invest in the team. It’s certainly crazy; however, it may help fans like me. One game can make or break a season (This isn’t a 7 game series like basketball), I don’t know how many more heartbreaks I can emotionally and physically handle. If I could root for the Packers under a different paradigm, that might help. Of course I want them to win as much as possible, but if they don’t win, at least I still have my investment. Under this new paradigm, instead of being devastated, I may just be disappointed.

The NFL Shield


I felt that sting during the NFC Championship game between the Packers and Seahawks, a devastating loss in January. I hate to say it, but with how the head coach manages the last handful of minutes, I verbally mentioned to those fellow viewers that the Packers were going to choke and give the game away. I wish I had been wrong. One might not be surprised that it’s taken me several months to get over it. My wife states I’m not yet over it. I’ve heard other fans echo that same sentiment.

Even under this new paradigm, I’m still saying, “Go Pack Go”. Under this new paradigm, I’m still buying Packer shirts or hats or cheese-heads. In my mind, it’s a good investment. The more I talk about them or the more they’re on TV or the more they win (without the big one), the more valuable they become. Even if they don’t bring home a Lombardi trophy, their stock value may still increase. Especially with such loyal fans. If they win the Lombardi from time to time, for lovers of the green and gold, it’s win-win, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Of course, I want them to win AMAP, and want the team to have an aggressive and creative play caller, but if they don’t win, it’s not the end of the world. If they don’t win, it’s not completely devastated.



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