Now, That’s How You Run a Training Class

How You Run a Training Class Well

I work for280px-CodasylB company that has regional offices throughout the U.S., as well as employees and teams spread out throughout the country. Therefore, when collaboration is necessary or with virtual training regarding cross-departmental teams, often the audio is done through conference calls and, if necessary, WebEx is used for video and display purposes.

I just attended a 3 hour training on a new Search tool for reporting purposes, I’ll call the tool GUTS. WebEx was used to allow attendees to follow along and ask questions through the visual blackboard.

I typically struggle with training classes or required learning, however, this experience was an exception. It impressed me so much that I took the time to write a thank you note to both instructors telling them it had a positive impression on me and a key takeaway was the increased familiarity with this new tool. Truly customer centric!

Some Highlights:

  • The instructors provided supplemental materials about a week beforehand so we could review prior to the meeting.
  • I initially dreaded attending this class as it was scheduled to be 3 hours long. With so many other responsibilities and ongoing projects, I wasn’t sure if I could focus for the entire time. However, they kept it interactive and all students were given a 10 minute break on the hour. When the training resumed, it was exactly 10 minutes after the started the break.
  • Because WebEx was used, we used their white board feature to ask questions. With over 40 participants, white board was an effective tool. When there were several questions on a given topic, the trainers stopped to address the questions.
  • We were asked to signon to GUTS beforehand to gain a little familiarity with the tool and mitigate initial new application challenges. Therefore, once a task was performed, we had the opportunity to try it on our screen.
  • Because multiple windows would have made it helpful, the instructors had made that recommendation prior to the class. Having two monitors allowed WebEx to be displayed on one screen as the other could have been used to practice some of the tasks just learned.
  • We were aSubroutine_in_Excelsked at various times during the presentation if there were any questions. Even though this class was virtual, the instructors appeared to do a good job reading the situation, knowing when to continue with the subject matter and when to pause and allow all attendees to get their questions answered.
  • Even though our default browser is IE8, this application doesn’t run well with the older browser. Therefore, Chrome needs to be used. Because Chrome may be unfamiliar to some, the instructors took the time to explain how to launch and some of the other basics to help prepare the group for using GUTS on another browser.