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Why does Wisconsin rely on Wide Receivers as walk ons? Erickson this year and Aberdares in the past. What does it say about Badger scouting that two offensive starting wide receivers over the last few years are walk ons?

Final game of Texas Christian University (TCU) was against Iowa State, the winner of 2 games this season. In lieu of TCU being out of the Final 4 picture, will they consider a conference championship in the future?


It’s beautiful when someone wins two, and shares one with the university.

Why did Wisconsin keep running Melvin Gordon last night when they were down by 40 or 50 points? Were they trying to get Gordon 100 yards against the OSU’s defense? At what point did Melvin realize he lost the Heisman?

Did the NCAA Selection Committee consider how well all contenders did in their conference championship? Unlike the NCAA Basketball tournament?

Why are some College football analysts (ESPN and Fox Sports) proposing an 8 game tournament before we’ve ever done a 4 game tournament?

Did OSU call the Selection Committee’s bluff yesterday? Held Gordon to under 100 yards? Check. Did their 3rd string QB not turn the ball over? Check. Did they play well on special teams? Check. Did the Offensive line dominate the 10th rank defense of the Badgers? Check. Now the Selection Committee is stuck – OSU did what was asked. Is there any surprise it’s checkmate? Bring in that famous school from Columbus. 

I was going to travel from Chicago to Milwaukee today (one day after the Big Ten Football championship of ’14) to do some shopping but I was afraid they’d be too much Badger road kill on the side of the road.

Alabama is ranked number 1 in the country, perhaps they are so good, 24th SEC title too, maybe we should just crown the Roll Tide National Champs?

Being an OSU fan, if they don’t win aganist ‘Bama, would you blame me for rooting for the Ducks?

I don’t think Florida State has played that well or haven’t dominated; however, they didn’t lose a game, so they have to be included in the Final 4. I’m not sure it’s debatable?

Remember weeks ago, there was some talk of Mississippi or Mississippi State being part of the Final 4. What happened? Blame it on the SEC? Would not Paul Finebaum of ESPN concur?

How important was it for OSU to defeat Wisconsin, ranked #13 at the time?

Would it be better for the College Football Playoff Selection Committee to wait a day or two before deciding on the Final 4, let some of the hype and emotion die down before making a decision based on merit and performance and less on style points?


At least Wisconsin has the Paul Bunyan ax to brag about!

If you’re not playing for a major conference championship, would it not be advisable to ensure your body of work belongs in the Final 4?

To what extent does “trending up” making a difference for the College Football Playoff? If you significantly improve during the season, how important is that in the selection criteria? Peaking towards the end of the season?

Who make the decision that the Badgers were a 4 and ½ point favorite in the 2014 Big Ten Football Championship in Indianapolis? They were over 63 points off that mark. Will that person be employed much longer?

So the Crimson Tide were quite chill about being named the number 1 seed in the first College Football playoff. They are not surprised, that’s what they expect. What a strong College Football brand.

Who lost the most during selection Sunday? How about Iowa State, losing to TCU 55-3. TV analysts kept saying TCU destroyed IS on Saturday. Worse yet, analysts kept saying IS had a 2-9 record going into the game. Not being a fan of any Iowa football, I had no idea they had such a poor season until the TV analysts kept repeating it, over and over again. Perhaps TCU is good, however, perhaps the Cyclones are that bad and quit against TCU?

“I don’t think they brought anything surprising,” Gordon said of the Buckeyes’ defense. “When it came down to it, we just didn’t play Wisconsin football.” So Gordon is quoted as saying, we just didn’t play Wisconsin football. Hey Melvin, why don’t you think you played Wisconsin football? Was it the quarterback play? Running back play? Over matched in the offensive and defensive lines? Perhaps you should give the other team more credit and respect?

Wisconsin doesn’t get to hold the Big Ten football trophy this year, however, they still have the Paul Bunyan ax to swing around. Is it time to turn to roundball and the Kohl Center to view a legitimate team?

Isn’t it redundant to say “big tight end?” Aren’t 90% of all tight ends big?

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