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GIVE ME A BREAK ABOUT THIS 40-O TALK I know writers and editors need to fill space albeit online space but I’m wondering if this 40-0 story regarding the Kentucky men’s basketball team would be the crème de la crème of the most hyperbolic sports story of the year? UK is currently 5-0 in this young collegiate basketball season and some writers and sports’ commentators are saying they have unbelievable talent and may not lose a game. Of course this may be true, however, the team would need to be undefeated during pre-conference play, not lose a game in the SEC, and win all NCAA men’s tournament games for the entire 2014-15 season. No off nights, no fatigue, no sickness or any other issues impacting a significant part of their game.

It’s highly unlikely this will occur although some in the media like to dream or better yet, fill hard copy or online space. If someone predicts a team could go 40-0 in college bball or 16-0 during the NFL regular season and it doesn’t come to pass, will they be held accountable? Will there be a small blurb by their bio saying this writer sometimes exaggerates or engages in hyperbole? Can’t we just let the season play out without predictions? At least for the first half in other words, if they’re 20-0 or 25-0, yes, have at it  the talk can begin.

One other thing, how many times have writers predicted a college team will go undefeated for the entire season and how many times did that occur? I’d imagine the percentages of an accurate prediction are quite small.


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CAN FANS AND SPORTS ANNOUNCERS GIVE ME A BREAK ABOUT THIS 4 GAME COLLEGE PLAYOFF ARRANGEMENT? As most sports’ fans know, the NCAA has gone to a 4 game playoff for the 2014 football season. In years past, you didn’t have such a playoff to crown the best college gridiron team, you had the two best teams play for the national championship. Over the last 20 years, and 5 to 10 years in particular, diehard football fans have been clamoring for a more just playoff arrangement. These fans are now getting their wish. Instead of arguing about which two teams deserve to play for the big game, there are now 4 teams that will qualify for the NCAA football championship. Now, the debate has changed, it’s not about what other school school may have deserved to play for the championship, like years past. The current debate appears to be centering on a number of other teams that deserve to be in the 4 team picture.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of fans and announcers who are not satisfied with the new arrangement. It’s unbelievable as we’ve not even gone through this 4 team playoff once. It’s taken several decades for college football fans to see the change and some of whom want to let the cat out of the bag even further. It goes without saying that I’m completely against this. Look, it’s much more equitable to have 4 teams compete for the championship instead of 2 and with 2 more teams being included, it adds more conversation about which teams that are outside the “Great 4” are looking in and want to be part of that picture. Let’s see how this plays out for a number of years. It took some time to realize that a championship which includes only 2 teams is not the right way to go. Now, let’s experience this new format, if may or may not be the right thing for college football but let’s give it at least 5 years and then evaluate.

Yes, at some point, 8 might be the right number at some point; however, it’s too soon to jump from 2 to 4 and 1 or 2 years later, jump to 8. Once you make that

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deal, there’s no going back. Can we just enjoy for the time being the current college arrangement of the top 4 football teams that will qualify before the obsession of 8?

Reminds me of baseball going from a 154 to 162 game season. With more revenue generated, what are the chances that MLB would ever reduce their schedule and cut off some of their revenue?

I KNOW IT’S SPORTS, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN IGNORE MATH On Pardon the Interruption (PTI-ESPN) this past week while he sat in for Tony Kornheiser, Jason Whitlock was talking about Jeff Taylor, an NBA player who was suspended for 24 games for domestic violence. In that show’s segment, Jason said that losing NBA 24 games is comparable to losing 4 games in the NFL.

Jason, the NBA regular season is 82 games. The NFL season is 16 games. If one played 4 NFL football games, that would be a quarter of the season. Applying that basic math to the NBA (82 games) would indicate one quarter would represent a little over 20 games. I know this might sound petty but feel it’s important to get that comparison right. I know they teach math at Ball State although you may have been busy pursuing your passion. Regardless, I’d recommend sportscasters, sports commentators, and sports writers pay more attention to basic math and be careful how they use statistics when making their argument.


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