Excelling in Service at Lexus in Highland Park

Lexus Service Department 025On Saturday afternoon, busy with car washes but more importantly, this service department must have a fair process in place where they first service those customers with car related appointments. Because this particular service department is relatively new, some car wash customers in queue for a free car wash on a Saturday afternoon may not like the idea of having to wait  or, they are not always aware that those customers who may have arrived after them are service related and handled first. What occurred last week or last month with their service experiences may not jibe with what one experiences this week. You’re provided a level of service by the dealership offering free car washes but not all interactions are the same. Your expectations can get washed away so be careful with how you think it may go.

Beautiful service and sales department at Highland Park Lexus that just opened up this past summer. Excellent lighting, modern & spacious waiting rooms with plenty of TVs and seating room adds to the charm. The service area includes rooms for TV and quiet reflection and reading. Free food and beverages in the main seating area which includes a free WiFi signal for those with a computer device or just want to save data on their smartphones.

 I really got a treat by seeing the “Vacant Sigzn” on the restroom stall. My first vacancy sign for such a lush restroom. Hooks integrated into the wall of the restroom stall provides visitors the option to hang several items while their task is performed. Thinking about the sign at the stall avoids the embarrassing ducking down and looking under the stall door to see if the toilet is occupied. Genius is simplicity.

No question that having the TV room and quiet room on either side of the corridor indicates the sales and service area was thought out. Too often, in a waiting room you’re bombarded with a loud TV whether they like it or not. I don’t suspect the quiet room will be perfectly quiet and orderly, however, it’s a much more relaxed domain and allows customers to “chill” while their car is being serviced.

I’m hanging out in the quiet room with all women, most of whom have been born before 1965. Won’t pass judgment on why just females enjoy this quiet lounge besides me while I type my thoughts and insights about this showroom. Even if I did, it would only be speculation from someone of the opposite sex.

One more thing about the quiet lounge, it’s designed for those who want some solitude and quiet time. What’s contrary here is the fact they have several phones near their computer stations. Perhaps they are strictly for one way communication (listening only).

Free bagels (one is reminded that it is located in Highland Park), granola bars, soda, water or Keurig coffee or tea. Needless to say, free WiFi. Most customers are more mature (which is to say they’re older) customers, so these perks are perks they’re accustomed to. Besides, someone has to pay for these perks, and those customers who partake or don’t partake, are paying for these.Lexus Service Department 028

To ensure all waiting customers are comfortable and satisfied, this service dept includes two Keurig coffee makers. A wide variety of coffee, tea and hot chocolate is offered. Wow, can’t beat that service oriented approach, and attention to detail.

Newspapers and magazines at the Highland Park Lexus include Martha Stewart Living, Chicago and People. I also found the Chicago Tribune, North Shore, Crain’s Chicago and the Wall Street journal. To stereotype with not at all being nuanced or critically thinking, one might say the business newspapers for men and fashion and interior decorating magazines for women.

The more I age, thLexus Service Department 016e more value in comfortable and clean restrooms. If it’s missing strong coffee with a new and pleasant WC, I’ll ask which form I need to complete.

I have to be honest; I would not necessarily go out of my way to get my car serviced here. It’s nice to sit on leather chairs, eat different varieties of bagels and cream cheese and drink strong coffee from Keurig, but to travel 5-10 miles beyond my 10 minutes drive could bring me to a place where I question it and perhaps mull over the pain-pleasure scenario. Luxury is comfortable and perhaps addictive but at the same time, my practical side kicks in automatically.

Marco was the service technician and did a fine job. I had an oil change, tire rotation and car wash done. It took almost 90 minutes, because of a nail that needed to be removed from one tire. Regardless, I enjoy surveying the showroom so the time went by quickly. One minor point about Marco, I realize you’re a big guy, but easy on the handshake.