Summarize Extensive Email Communication?

Could someone take the initial and summarize the email communication?

So we have a situation that requires additional explanation.

A True Scenario: You send an email to 5 co-workers on Monday morning about the upcoming social media marketing approach. In addition, three other employees are copied on the email. Out of those 5, you may have several who respond to the initial email. Of course, the original sender may respond to each of these responses. Others too may get involved in the email communication and you know, at some point, others are brought in or those who were initially copied on the email may chime in. Back and forth we go as mail piles up in your inbox as many of these employees are actively participating in this electronic discussion.

An email that was supposed to be straightforward and benign ends up creating a mini-email firestorm. If you’re on the periphery, and don’t necessarily know all the details and nuances of this social media marketing approach, how do you handle things? Do you read all 19 emails where some of the responses are involved and possibly complex? Are there other alternatives?

Here’s a thought and save time overall

Have the author of the email or someone who’s also really involved in the approach, produce a document clarifying and simplifying things. Provide a gist of what was discussed and decided upon.

If this is not done, a few things may occur

1. Not all those players who may have been copied on the communication understand what was discussed or the necessary work moving forward.

2. Without a summary, perhaps there may be a difference in opinion between some of the key players who are directly involved in this project.

Obviously, this doesn’t necessarily just apply to email communication. There are many other meeting or demonstrations that may need a complete and accurate overview of the work.