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Good Service at Libertyville Toyota

Good Service at Libertyville Toyota

Libertyville Toyota (image courtesy of Fox Lake Toyota) I’ve been patronizing Libertyville Toyota since we bought our ’97 Camry one year after that car was made. I’ve been exposed to the sales and service department a number of times. Speaking of sales, it may depend on the time of year or time of month but they may be willing to deal. Of course, it also depends on the salesperson.

When it comes to service, I certainly appreciate their service department waiting area. With free coffee and donuts during early hours, most waiting customers have difficulty not partaking – especially the donuts. Later in the day, popcorn is on the menu. Not the healthiest but sometimes it’s OK to splurge. Late in the afternoon and if luck is on your side, fresh coffee is available. 

Free Wi-Fi is available and they’ve had Wi-Fi so long I can’t remember when it wasn’t available. If you tire of looking at a computer screen or your mobile device, the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald are scattered about and may provide a diversion. Their service hours are until 9 pm, for those folks who work outside the area, many are appreciative of those longer hours.

Early on Wednesday, our 2014 Toyota Corolla displayed a Trac Off message that didn’t go away, even after following some troubleshooting steps from the owner’s manual. Time to call the service department. I was able to get an appointment later in the afternoon and Garrett Munson handled my service work. 

Unfortunately, there were a lot of codes to review and the car would not be available until the following day. Rather than waiting for a potential of hours and hours and with very little hesitation, Garrett offered to get me home by one of his drivers and said he’d call later that night. He called shortly after 8 pm and said they’d need another day to review. He called me the following afternoon to say the car was ready, however, they could take care of the 5,000 mile maintenance and if so, they’d need another hour or so. Because it was convenient for me, I agreed and later picked up the car. 

I appreciated his explanation of the issue – he likened it to a computer – you have software and hardware and sometimes there’s an issue with the hardware. If it’s not functioning properly or the software is not effectively communicating, a “flash” or a software update is needed. After the software update, they kept it over night, drove it a number of times to ensure it was functioning properly. 

Prior to my first appointment, the car would not start and after talking over the codes with Garrett, he recommended calling a tow truck. Surprisingly, moments later, it started so I quickly called him back and he promptly cancelled the tow truck. I appreciated his service oriented approach and flexibility. 

I’ve dealt with Garrett before and he’s always displayed a nice and friendly demeanor. I’ve had other technicians who may talk down to you and ramble endlessly about car mechanics, however, Garrett would not qualify for that category. Customer centric? Absolutely.