Tacos El Norte – Libertyville

Tacos El Norte Libertyville

My wife was pleasantly surprised when I suggested we try Tacos El Norte one Saturday night on a blustery March evening. You see, my initial inclination when frequenting restaurants doesn’t typically include Mexican cuisine. So we typically patronize this cuisine infrequently – on my wife’s birthday and maybe one other occasion every year or so.

Last year, my wife and I visited the Tacos El Norte in Round Lake. The food was quite good, prices very reasonable and even though the restaurant had a cafeteria feel to it, the ambience was quite authentic. This time, and because we live in Libertyville, we’re trying Tacos El Norte in Libertyville.

Tacos el Norte 007a

Tacos El Norte

We were seated on the west part of the restaurant near very large windows. Even though large thick curtains helped mitigate some of the draft, there still was a constant stream of cold air pass through various openings so we left our coats on – others had been seated near us while we dined and switched places to avoid the draft from the windows. I suggested to my wife that servers and hostesses must see that occur quite often. Even though we left our coats on, none of the staff asked us why – perhaps they knew the answer.

I ordered a Veggie Fajitas Burrito and my wife had a the Chicken Enchiladas Dinner (including 3 Enchiladas). The veggie burrito included zucchini, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, beans, rice and melted cheese. It was very tasty and had a unique combination of ingredients and being a vegetarian, there would be no hesitation to order the same on our next visit. I wasn’t terribly hungry so I cut it in half to bring part of it home although after a staring contest, I couldn’t resist and consumed the second half. My wife enjoyed her Chicken Enchiladas and it included this included Mexican rice, re-fried beans, garnished with lettuce and sour cream. I suspect she’d not hesitate and order it for our next visit.

Several servings of chips and salsa are available as a free appetizer – they looked semi-appetizing although when one is hungry and smells the tantalizing aroma inside the restaurant, you may only wait so long before obliging. The salsa was quite tasty, just enough kick although it was quite runny and my preference is aligned to a thicker salsa.

To cool my palate, ice water did the trick. My wife ordered a classic margarita which she enjoyed as evidenced by the smile on her face. Or was that smile the result of enjoying the delicious chicken burrito?

Tacos El Norte

Tacos El Norte

Very reasonable. We had two entrees, one margarita and total including tip was $30.00.

They appeared to be in the in the midst of a shift change so there was some confusion about who our server was going to be although we were in no hurry. Once we ordered, our food was served promptly.

The ambiance there was Ok in Libertyville, although the restaurant has plenty of seating, I would not say it’s a real cozy restaurant, however, if they continue to serve tasty authentic Mexican cuisine, one may want to focus on the food and not the ambiance.

Because the food was so good weeks ago, we paid another visit to Tacos El Norte. Coincidentally, we ordered the same items. Again, both dishes were delicious. When we first visited, the server had accidentally added one too many entrees. We politely mentioned this to the server who corrected the bill. This last time, instead of being overcharged, we were undercharged one margarita. Again, we mentioned this and the server corrected the bill. Even though their prices are very reasonable, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the bill.