Jake from AT&T Excelled at Service

at&t1Unfortunately, hours before our Christmas trip to Florida, my wife accidentally exposed her iPhone 5s to water and her smart device no longer looked smart – even after trying various types of rice, including basmati and the heavy glutinous variety. This piece of metal no longer wanted to be a phone nor a smart device. Besides the water damage and occurring during the busiest shopping time of the year, her phone was configured to receive work emails and while traveling out of town, this had to be addressed ASAP.

Needing professional advice, we kept our fingers crossed as two tourists with tanned faces and white legs days before Christmas stopped by the AT&T store in Clermont, just west of Orlando. It was our lucky day as we only had to wait 5 minutes before a handsome young man approached us with a smile.

Jake was quite affable and he immediately got along well with my wife and I. He had the ability or aptitude to read us to determine our needs, even if that met meeting these individuals one person at a time. We had different questions to help us be brought up to speed on iPhone technology and he patiently handled each question within its own time. One such question involved whether or not I could upgrade my phone without paying penalty and what other options I may have. My wife’s primary concern was possibly transferring her current telephone number to a business account – would there be service or additional charges? How would it all work with having 5 users currently on the family plan? I appreciated the fact that Jake went through several scenarios based on service, features and cost.

at&t2Even though some of our questions may have been basic or commonplace, he didn’t patronize or act as though we were smart phone newbies.

When Jake felt the need, he used his legal pad as a brainstorming board – giving us several service and price options. Explaining each plan in enough detail to help us determine how best to meet our personal and professional smart phone needs.

While determining our updated service package, we chatted about our current trip to Florida and I mentioned originally being from Wisconsin – we immediately realized we rooted for the same NFL team whose home is in Green Bay, or Titletown, U.S.A. That bond certainly didn’t hurt rapport as Jake eventually helped us decide what hardware to purchase and what service plan to choose.

I was a little disappointed there wasn’t a survey given to me after the visit or via email as I would have given Jake nothing but very high marks on his appearance, performance and competency with my wife and I – two current AT&T customers. He had a way of being knowledgeable and patient and at the same time, customer centric.