On a Frosty Night, Hofbrauhaus Chicago was Warm & Welcoming

Hofbrauhaus Chicago

A good place to take out of town guests, food and drink are a little pricey but good tasting beer, nice atmosphere and lively music. Fun entertainment around Oktoberfest and a great place to bring out of town guests.

During our third visit of last year, we had good live entertainment with musicians that specialized in self-deprecation. Those boys (musicians) on stage loved to drink. Were they drinkers first and musicians second or vice versa? I suspect the Deutsch bier had something to do with that. I’m sure they’ve had plenty of time to perfect entertaining their audience with the chicken dance and Ein Prosit – a toast during beer drinking while wishing somebody good health.

The beer is good and the wait staff is friendly enough. With this area being very touristy, I like the idea of getting my parking expense paid by the Hofbrauhaus. As I drove around looking for parking, I was tempted to use the valet service although with a dozen motor vehicles in the queue with only two employees, I decided to park my vehicle and follow the tourists.

Within the venue and as I mentioned earlier, every so often they sang Ein Prosit, not sure if that was to get the customers to drink more beer or genuinely have a good time, or both. I enjoyed some of the band members walking up and down the aisles and playing their musical instruments. Band quite lively – much more lively than the original Hofbrauhaus in Munchen although regulars to the Hofbrauhaus brand claim the food and beer is better in Munchen than Ho1fbrauhaus Chicago.

I ordered the Vegetarian Schnitzel (Lightly Breaded Vegetarian Patties Pan-Fried and served with Potato-Cucumber Salad, Cherry tomatoes and Cranberry sauce). The Potato-Cucumber Salad and Schnitzel were delicious. I would have welcomed some Rot Kohl (red cabbage) or Karotten Salat (carrot salad). My entree was $13.98. I’d recommend two separate vegetarian schnitzel sizes as the portion size for this non-meat entree was on the small side.

Ich war sehr hungrig (very hungry) so I ordered a side of ride bread. The bread was a little stale – two soft butter contains were included although because the bread was quite dry and perhaps old, I needed some butter and handy mustard on the table to add some flavor.

Waitress brought water without being prompted. No refills on my caffeinated coffee – I didn’t complain as it was late in the day and I wanted to get a restful night’s sleep later that evening.

They took a reservation earlier that day which came in handy in lieu of it being Friday night of the holiday break.

If you evaluate this restaurant on the amount of fun, atmosphere, and include dancing on the table benches, I’d give it a 9 out of 10. In terms of the beer taste and overall value, probably a 7 out of 10. Draft beer is roughly $14 for a liter and half that amount for .5 liter.

They said you couldn’t have separate checks on weekends but the waitress did bring us a separate check – there were 8 at the table and 3 separate checks which should not make it that difficult to itemize.

Again, the third visit to the Hofbrauhaus Chicago this year and I’ve yet to meet a waitress who spricht fließend Deutsch (speaks fluent German).

Loud music and I’ve heard some people complain about that but that’s what it’s all about – if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Folks should realize the atmosphere of a place where beer is brewed should not be comparable to a church cathedral.

Wegbeschreibung zu den Hofbräuhaus bekommen (Directions to get to the Hofbrauhaus) are tricky – you can see it from the Illinois Tollway although those unfamiliar with the area might not realize you need to access it off of River road in Rosemont. Because of the location and way the area is configured, one might utilize Mapquest or Google Maps before traveling. Regarding utilizing a GPS, I’ve heard several people having issues with their GPS after keying in that address so it might take a map, good directions and/or a GPS to locate.