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I Want to Live in the Cialis World

I Want to Live in the Cialis World

010I want to be that man in the Cialis commercial. You know, the one where the middle aged man and woman (probably husband and wife) are working so pleasantly and lovingly together. I will call them Mr and Mrs C.
It appears Mr and Mrs C have been a couple for many a year although they act contrary to that fact as they have that look about them – you know what I mean. I want to be that man!  

I want to live in the Cialis world where my wife would be interested in staining and varnishing, wear stylish clothes and not create any permanent stains on her attire during the entire project. What talent! 
Like Mrs. C, I want my lady to remain a brunette for many years to come and wrinkle free, even though she may have recently celebrated her 30 or 35 year high school reunion. Any gray from age, stress or needless worry will be placed on the man’s head courtesy of the age gods. In this glamorous world of Cialis, and contrary to the ‘Just for men’ hair care commercials, any man can have much gray hair and still be oh so desirable by his partner. 

It goes without saying that my Cialis world would include my precious bride giving me a concerned and loving look regardless of what we’re doing. I may be fixing a leaky kitchen faucet or stopping the toilet from excessive water waste but that special bond transcends issues, even if she’s handing me a phillips screwdriver or a pipe wrench.

Remember, you’re in the Cialis world so neither partner is tired or has a back ache after working on various projects. Neither of you have cephalalgia or continuous head pain or smell like you haven’t had shower in 4 days. Neither of you have any weight issues – perhaps the Cialis world is exempt from excessive weight gain. Neither of you would ever resist sex or intimacy from your life partner and neither of you would misconstrue an advance by the other. Thank God for such a scenario that allows Mr. and Mrs C to consummate their commitment in compassionate love to each other over and over again. 
Who really knows how long that special world may last, but when things are going so well, let’s just enjoy this special ride! How can you go wrong when your partner not only helps you with a project outside, which eventually includes cuddling and could lead to a touchdown celebration later that afternoon. Perhaps the smell of varnish or wood stain acts as an aphrodisiac? Perhaps paint would too? With this new approach, the “Honey Do List” would no longer apply as tasks and projects would be a collaborative and loving experience.
I want to relive that beautiful fall day of staining your romantic “sitting bench” in such a relaxed and loving manner. No errands to run that day, no toilets to clean, no grocery shopping to execute, just unlimited time with me and my bride. No leaves falling in your yard or into your gutters so yard clean-up is not an outdoor priority. On this glorious autumn day, no hungry hornets or wasps flying around the loving couple searching for flowers that can still provide nourishment or possible sugary substances. And no wind whatsoever. Just love, companionship and pleasure. 
Ah, what a glorious Cialis life and I’d like to try that on to see if it fits!