Construction, Planning & Traffic Control

Last summer, the Lake County Division of Transportation, closed a portion of Butterfield Road as they had to repair the railroad crossing just north of Route 60. Whenever a railroad crossing is repaired, it brings a smile to my face. At the same time, Butterfield moves much traffic on an average day through Vernon Hills and Libertyville so bottlenecks would invariably occur on alternative routes. Where would motorists go to bypass this construction for one week?


Lake County Road Construction

Desperate times sometimes brings desperate measures among motorists. If drivers could, some might search for the best alternative which may involve traveling through local neighborhoods. Regardless, local officials who spent any reasonable amount of time prior to the construction could predict with accuracy where the overflow of traffic would go. Did the local police officers respond accordingly to make this construction period as smooth as possible for motorists and local residents?

On to another construction issue in north Libertyville. The intersection of Route 21 and 137 and extended roads has provided local residents and motorists dirt, dust and barricades on this road for nearly 2 years. I have not met anyone over the last year or so who didn’t groan when discussing this construction fiasco. In addition, earlier this summer, there was also some temporary road construction about 15,000  yards east of this intersection in the neighborhood of the intersection of Buckley and O’Plaine roads.

During this period, with construction on two main thoroughfares in the Libertyville area, what do the some of the alternate routes look like, especially during commute time? Coming home during this period, I see a few hundred cars backed up on Oak Spring Road – I initially thought of an accident in the area until I realize these two main routes in and out of the Libertyvillle were under construction. In fact, this was the longest congestion I had ever seen on the Oak Spring.

Commuters during road construction are like ants when Route A is blocked, they quickly try another route ASAP and not always knowing if the new route would bring success. In this particular situation, were police officers around to help direct traffic, especially during the 4 to 6 pm time period?

Lake County Road Construction


We all know traffic is typically the result of construction, accidents, and road servicing. Sometimes, traffic can be predicted and when

it is, especially in this area, where are the police officers to help direct traffic, especially during rush hour?

Is there a majority crime issue in these communities prohibiting them from engaging in traffic control when applicable? If there is, I’m certainly not aware of this fact. I’m reminded of one situation where traffic was backed up for at least one mile on Route 21 during the road construction period as two Libertyville police cars were parked along side one another in a nearby park? Are they merely in reactive mode, responding to an incident after it has occurred instead of being a little more proactive in servicing the community? I don’t expect the law enforcement officials to always get it right and direct traffic during any potential backup – it just would be nice for local officials to have the needs of motorists in mind and direct traffic from during critical construction times and during the am and pm rush hours.