Dumb Ass Comments Spammers Make – Part I

I’ve included a brief sample of some of the comments I receive while maintaining my blog. I have bolded those comments and my reaction to those comments are not bolded. If I could say one more thing, most of these samples have been repeated over the last few months (and sometimes years) and many are ridiculous and/or inaccurate so I felt compelled to include some of them here. One more thing (again), I wonder if the travesty here is the message I’m trying to get across to these spammers will not be read by such an individual as their focus is on something more deviant.

This really answered my problem, thank you! I wonder what your problem was? If you go through the act of adding a comment, why not outline how my blog answered your problem.

While I really like this publish, I think there was an punctuational error near towards the finish from the third sentence. You have a lot of nerve. First, that’s the only comment you can make? Second, there’s not a punctuation error towards the end of the blog post. Third, a punctuational error near towards the finish from the third sentence? Do you mean punctuation error? Do you mean the third sentence of the last paragraph? If you’re going to make such a comment about a punctuation error, due your homework beforehand.

I feel one of your ads caused my internet browser to resize, you may well want to set up that on your blacklist. First, I have no ads on my blog. Second, I may well want to set up that on your blacklist – in other words, should I eliminate or fix the ad? Again, due your homework before you make such a claim.

My favorite comment is someone adding their input on one of my pages when they complain about spam on their blog and what a hassle that is as they indeed are spamming me. Do they see or care about the irony of such a comment?

Your blog is amazing, I will tell my brother about it too. What should I make with such a comment? Should I indeed believe that this commenter will tell their brother about my blog. Or should I simply move on to the next comment that appears like spam.

Some people discover my blog and say it lightens up their year – they must have a boring existence. What would prompt someone to say such a thing? In other words, people must have a boring existence if they find my blog lightens up their year? Perhaps this commenter is trying to be amusing? Or cruel? Or both?

If you don’t mind, exactly where do you host your blog? I am hunting for a good web host and your blog seams to be fast and up just about all the time. Is this legit? How would someone actually respond to such a comment, especially if you get this type of comment from time to time. Second, do they mean ‘seems’ instead of ‘seams’? Third, are they seriously looking for a good web post or merely obfuscating the issue to avoid being identified as spam.

The design for your site is a bit off in Epiphany. Nevertheless I like your website. I might need to install a normal browser just to enjoy it. Perhaps I’m in the dark but I’m not sure what Epiphany is. Regardless, it’s not a common browser so I won’t lose any sleep over this. In addition, it appears to be properly aligned on IE, Chrome, Firefox and some mobile devices so that should suffice for the time being.

Your ads are cutting off on my screen. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have any ads on my blog even though this commenter states the ads are cutting off my screen. If this isn’t spam, I’m not sure what is. BTW, is it not unusual for someone to complain about ads being cut off the screen? Don’t must people want to avoid ads so why complain about ads being cut off the screen?

With blogs like this around I don’t even need website anymore. I can just visit here and see all the latest happenings in the world. I appreciate the kind words but I’m not sure what this means. Are you serious? You can visit my website and get all the latest happenings in the world? With new articles every 6 days about products, services and information, I very much doubt someone could get all their updates or happenings here.

When are you going to post again? You really entertain me! If you’d pay attention, you’d see that each and every post this year is 6 days apart from one another – in other words, with a little thinking, one could have made that determination without asking.

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