Read Or Think Between The Lines?

Read or Think Between the Lines

A few years ago, when the Wii was really hot and popular, my colleague said that could keep you in shape, that people have lost weight using the Wii. Yes, it’s a possibility but highly improbable. If someone did lose weight using the Wii, how long did that last? How many owners of the Wii actually improved their health using this tool? It might sound good for marketing purposes, but at the time, was the Wii a viable exercise alternative to biking, walking or running or other traditional exercises? Or was it a trendy item to eventually end up on the shelf of someone’s entertainment center, dusty?

I heard on CNN earlier this year that certain bloggers can make money blogging. How many could? How much money? How many bloggers do blog regularly? What percentage of those could earn a living, will context and perspective be added to the story because in my mind, maybe 1% of all bloggers could make some money, if not a living?

Complete confession on sports viewing. Sometimes I watch too much football on TV. I don’t think I watch too much baseball, basketball or hockey or soccer, but get carried away with football. To get perspective and analysis on college and the NFL, I listen to sport’s radio. This may be live or through a podcast medium and includes Mike and Mike, Pardon the Interruption, Tony Kornheiser show, Dan Patrick Show, The Score and Rich Eisen Podcast.

I have done this for a number of years and not once have I heard any discussion or critique of the various ticket exchange services. This includes Stub Hub, NFL Ticket Exchange, and Ticket Broker to name the most common providers. I wonder why I have not heard any discussion, analysis or review of any of these providers? Is that a FCC violation or a conflict of interest?

As some people are aware, JC Penney’s has tried to go thru a change in their store décor. They have tried to make the store feel more polished and upscale. Sleek and smooth interior, brightly lite store, modern check-out counters that don’t even look like the place where transactions occurs – some may see their new look reminds you of an Apple store. A complete rebirth in their brand?

When it’s actually time to pay for your merchandise, you see an elderly woman appear behind these sleek check-out counter with a polyester sweater, and noisy flip-flops. An employee so misaligned to what they are trying to accomplish. Perhaps a work in progress?

Years ago, in my first corporate job and being quite green when it came to corporate guidelines, I remember these corporate specialists mentioning to us newbies on how to handle sick time. One of these specialists of course acknowledged that we all get sick and it’s natural to call in for a sick day but of course, like many things, don’t abuse this corporate sick policy.

One other thing she mentioned, don’t ever come in with a tanned face after a sick day – it just doesn’t look good to your manager. Really? Is that completely true? Sometimes, the most important thing you need is rest and relaxation to get you feeling better. And, according to many people, what’s the best way to relax, sitting out in the sun? Again, resting or napping in your backyard to nurse yourself back to health is what your doctor or health practitioner would have prescribed.

Things have changed quite drastically in the corporate environment from over 25 years ago and I understand the HR policy specialists mentioning such as thing because it sounds right but isn’t necessarily the case.


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