Hitting the Bullseye with Target Field


Had an opportunity to attend one MLB game between the Twins and Indians on a Saturday night in late July. It was my first opportunity to attend Target Field in Minneapolis and I was impressed and wowed by the experience. Some of my insights and tales are included below.

Water coolers scattered around the wide concourse with available with paper cups. Nice touch and I prefer this to drinking fountains or do you say bubblers in Minnesota?

You gotta be kidding, walleye on a stick? How unique – only in the land of 10,000 lakes (actually much more than that but after 10,000 who’s counting?). 

Light rail Metro system, about 8,000 people typically arrive each game using the Metro Blue Line which is just 10 yards from the park’s Gate 6. You can just see the amount of planning and designing that went into that configuration.

Unlike the Metrodome, Target Field is an open-air stadium in downtown Minneapolis. What a coup, outdoor baseball for which many baseball loving Minnesotans had waited a long time.

I’m not sure if Harmon Killebrew, the great slugger for the Twins years ago had the opportunity to try Killebrew Root Beer at the new ballpark but regardless, it’s a nice way to honor one of the all time Twins and a member of baseball’s Hall of Fame class of 1984.

In terms of food or snacks, I saw dippin dots for sale to please a kid, and the standard pizza, fries, nachos and cheese to please or satisfy those who need a junk food fix. Diet conscious individuals may be interested in salads or a chicken breast sandwich. Visitors who prefer seafood may exercise courage and take a chance on walleye on a stick (fresh walleye from the land of 10,000 lakes tastes best). For those macho men who want to remind others about how they love to devour meat, don’t forget the Twins burgers and bratwurst (to make Wisconsinites feel at home).



Welcome all guests to Target Field. How many stadiums have huge limestone blocks that help outline and decorate their exterior? According to Wikipedia, the limestone used in Target Field is from Kasota, near Mankato, Minnesota.

Twins having a sign in the outfield where baseball players from both Minneapolis and St. Paul are shaking hands. Cohesive interaction between the Twin Cities or TC. 

This may just be my bias but it feels as though the residents of the Twin Cities are just as intelligent and sophisticated as Chicago but much nicer, more relaxed and more likely to yield to pedestrians. As a pedestrian in Minneapolis, I generally feel respected unlike Chicago. 

There’s a blue line in downtown Minneapolis without rust and graffiti – perhaps it’s too new to be defaced with gang insignia.

They had healthy salads for sale on the main concourse so I was all in. All the vegetables were grown by inner city kids. So I had the chance to eat well and support a good, inner city cause, not a difficult decision.

The official capacity is around 43,000 although there are Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets that can increase the capacity by 2,500 or more and the SRO policy enabled me to visit this special ballpark.

I attended on a beautiful late July evening – a perfect evening for baseball although for inclimate weather in the land of Minnesnowta, I read they have a heated field and heated viewing areas.

I didn’t have much time visiting the Twin Cities for only 2 days but I’m so glad I took in at least one MLB game in 2013 and what a venue. According to ESPN The Magazine, they ranked Target Field the #1 baseball stadium experience in North America in 2010. A truly, customer centric experience in downtown Minneapolis.


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