Who is for Eliminating the Fourth of July?

Let’s retire July 4th permanently and bring back Independence Day!

Perhaps we need to add some common sense to the situation, let’s eliminate the Fourth of July, forever! Completely wipe it away. This includes parades, picnics, and fireworks. No, I’m not against picnics or celebrations but let’s look at things from a different perspective.

Let’s take a page from Labor Day and celebrate our nation’s birthday (Independence Day), on the 1st Monday in July. Each and every year! That may be July 1 or July 7 or any day in between — let’s not get too focused on the day but this change gives most working people a 3 day weekend. This year, it’s celebrated on Wednesday which is not at all close to the weekend and some working people will tell you this is more common than you think.

If we move Independence Day to the first Monday in July every year, that will help too with community planning and organizing events. With a new model, communities know they can plan activities between Friday evening and Monday night. Communities can begin planning to have their parade on a set day every year, like Saturday morning and perhaps fireworks at dusk on Sunday. Knowing when parades, concerts and fireworks will occur should hopefully take some guesswork out of this holiday.

In addition, if we move it to the first Monday, we can help eliminate the confusion referring this holiday as the ‘Fourth of July’ celebration. It’s our nation’s birthday and independence from Britain. It’s not necessarily about the Fourth of July, but about our nation’s independence. Should not our focus be on our independence instead of the 4th? Similar to Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in September. We may not know the exact date of Labor Day, but know it falls on the first Monday in September. It might take some time, but the same idea could apply to Independence Day.

Look, those attracted to noise and gunpowder and need an excuse to shoot rockets high into the sky can still make a racket with loud explosives and fireworks on and around that day, it just may not be July 4. Will parades feel empty or incomplete if we salute and honor our military on Monday, July 1 or 2, instead of July 4? Americans can still grill, drink and eat too much — it just may not occur on the 4th — but should occur on the first Monday of the month named after Julius Caesar.

There are some who don’t care what day it falls on, as they’ll just take the entire week off but mind you, not everyone has that option. A plus for employers, having it on Monday will eliminate HR from determining what day to celebrate if July 4 lands on a Saturday or Sunday.

Politically, I would hope this would not be a partisan issue. Is this not something people from the red or blue persuasion could agree on? Encouraging Americans to celebrate Independence Day and not necessarily the Fourth of July?

Yes, it will take some time to get used to but just think, we’ll be able to say “Happy Independence Day” and be a more enlightened culture for it. Congress, I know you have a reputation these last few years of a “do nothing Congress,” so perhaps taking on this task and get you on the road of give and take and legislation. Or, does this make too much sense for any action to occur?