Empathy is…


Empathy is listening to a friend or colleague

Empathy is putting yourself in another person’s position

Empathy is anticipating a friends’ need

Empathy is doing a good deed for someone

Empathy is paraphrasing what your friend said

Empathy is random acts of kindness

Empathy is supporting your friend who’s in need of a good listening ear

Empathy is actively listening to someone on how you want to be heard

Empathy is listening with your whole body, actively

Empathy is being considerate of others regardless of how you feel

Empathy is telling your smiling waitress you appreciate her hard work




Empathy is attempting to enter into another person’s feelings

Empathy is personally responding back to an email in a reasonable period of time

Empathy is noticing a woman’s new outfit or hairstyle with a genuine compliment

Empathy is the appreciation of one’s situation

Empathy is cutting your story short when you sense your friend is in a hurry

Empathy is for a tall person to ask the person behind them in the cinema if they can see around you.

Empathy is facilitating conversations to incorporate those who were left out

Empathy is thanking your bus boy for his good service 

Empathy is smiling at someone who’s perhaps not having a good moment or day

Empathy is compassion

Empathy is sometimes construed as sympathy

Empathy is fellow feeling

Empathy is feeling in

Empathy is the opposite of schadenfreude

Empathy is blurring the lines between self and others

Empathy is thanking employees who are in the service industry

Empathy involves a person communicating an accurate recognition of the significance of another person’s ongoing intentional actions

Empathy is wishing people could be better off or happier

Empathy is love

Empathy is positive energy towards a friend or colleague

Empathy is hard work and effort

Empathy can sometimes be construed as affinity

Empathy is establishing rapport with someone while identifying with one’s feelings