Will Greed Continue to Intercede in the NBA?

How to Fix the National Basketball Association – or WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE? 

Players are so large in today’s NBA, why not 4 on 4 so fewer players will make the NBA including fewer coaches, trainers and staff? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Fix the first round of the playoffs, best of 3 instead of best of 7? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Why not have a 50 or 60 game season to make regular season games mean something? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Change the playoff structure so only the NBA Finals contains a 7 game series. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Why not qualify half as many teams from the East and West conferences? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

ESPN Analysts


To improve the quality of play, with too many teams, so let us at least seriously consider contracting a few teams. Besides, some teams have little to no chance of winning an NBA championship. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Why not fix the second round of the playoffs, best of 5? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Why not change the dynamics of keeping score and base it on the performance based on quarters. For example, each team earns 1 point for winning each of the first 4 quarters and 1 point for the overall win. Would that not be more representative of a team’s performance? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

During the first or even second round of playoffs, schedule games so every night at least one NBA game will be telecasted. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Perhaps making the games more affordable for average fans to attend. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

What about having 3 timeouts for each team instead of the 7 (during the playoffs). I know fewer timeouts means fewer commercials but even Phil Jackson likes this idea and also feels it could improve the viewing experience. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Make the length of time between quarters 90 seconds max. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Make a 20 second timeout 20 seconds. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Stop the shenanigans between the regular season playoffs. Same number of timeouts should apply and TV and team timeouts should not vary between these two segments. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE? 

Commissioner of the NBA


Considering the size of players, if you cannot have 4 on 4 then considering expanding the court to make it wider and longer to open up the game. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

It’s interesting that the non-20 second timeouts are not called 60 second timeouts. Keep the flow of the game by having 60 second timeouts in addition to the 20 second variety. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Will guaranteed contracts ever be in jeopardy? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Do we need a group of 4 basketball experts and analysts for the pre-game and half-time show when half the show is commercial breaks? In fact, during the “halftime show” of the opening round of the Memphis-San Antonio series, it was about 16 minutes long with about 6 minutes of actual NBA coverage. Quiet the show, eh? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Allow the announcers to be more honest about evaluating officials. Often, controversial calls are not replayed and often NBA analysts will not be honest and critical about the officiating. If I have to sit through so many commercial timeouts, I want to hear what these analysts really think. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

When will the NBA come clean with attendance figures and announce the number of tickets used and not the number of tickets sold. Or perhaps both? These number would help provide an open dialogue on how well an NBA team is doing at the box office. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

More expensive ticket prices during playoffs. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

It’s painful watching the NBA on TNT during the playoffs (especially the late game) as there are too many timeouts which hurts the flow of the game. WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?

Will the NBA ever bring back some afternoon playoff games that may slightly hurt TV ratings? WILL GREED CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE?


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