Short & Random Counter Intuitive Thoughts…


Should corporate workers and small business owners value the placement of mirrors by their desk to help improve customer service?

Is it counter intuitive to be forced to go to Google to get technical support and help while working on Microsoft Operating System and using MS Word?

If you send a birthday to a friend days before their birthday, should you have to explain why you send it a day or two early?

If you were into pasta, starch and sandwiches, would you consider adding semolina pasta inside two pieces of whole wheat bread slightly buttered?  For me, I made a sandwich by adding whole wheat spaghetti to two pieces of white bread to spice up my meal figuratively even before I applied my seasonings. Mashed potatoes or sticky rice might suffice too.

Is it counter intuitive to convert your MS Visio (flowchart software) file to Acrobat Reader before viewing your flowcharts?

Is sending an e-card for Mother’s Day the same as sending an actual card to your Mom?

Once you discover the beauty and value of podcasts on a smart phone or MP3 player, is there any way to go back to AM/FM radio?

Is a good deed more valuable if it’s done when you’re in a bad mood or in a hurry? If you let someone go in front of you in line at the grocery store when you’re running late, is that more noble?

The mental health industry — think this would be a good business to get into — alienation and friendless society. And for the most part, the pay is not bad.

If you’re in the wrong, why do some people feel compelled to make an obscene gesture–you’re just trying to alert them.

Acts of kindness make people feel happier, but not if you are compelled to perform the same act too frequently. (Bring your love breakfast in bed one day, and it feels great. Bring it every day, and it feels like a chore.)

According to Wikipedia, Showrooming is the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retail store without purchasing it, but then shopping online to find a lower price for the same item. It may be available but is it ethical to visit an electronics store for information and expertise and then go online to purchase for less $$$?

We honor the military in public, what about honoring the nurses and health care professionals in public who serve our population?

Is there a Statue of Limitations when it comes to your father saying ‘that-a-boy’ when you’re over 50 years old?

When you see the message ‘Attention when flashing’ signs and they are flashing so tune into the designated station, confirm that the radio station is audible. I get a little worried when I see that sign and then not being able to hear the message at all even at the highest volume doesn’t reinforce the urgency of such message.

Regarding hotels and their carts to help with luggage, is it the same to leave these carts outside your room like it is to leave shopping carts outside your car as you leave the parking lot

I love listening to podcasts of actual radio and TV shows and often, the host, to create a buzz for the show will say, “we have a very busy show today” or “we have a lot to get to tonight.” The one host on Cable has yet to forgot to mention we have a lot to get to tonight…I understand, some days are a big news day but not every day is jam packed with news.

Is it not ironic for a commenter to your blog to include a comment complaining about the uselessness of spam when it fact that particular person is actually engaged in spam on your website?

Minutes ago, the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls playoff series was completed with the Heat winning. Perhaps David Stern and the NBA could institute a “good game” queue where the players congratulate one another. It’s good enough for high school and the NCAA basketball tournament, why not the NBA?