Random Sports Annoyances Part I

WILL PERDUE IS SAD THAT NO ONE COULD SEE THE CHICAGO FIRE THIS WEEKEND…Will Perdue on 670 The Score a few weeks ago said that no fans saw the Chicago Fire win over the weekend because it was not on TV. I’m sad there are no other options in the 21st century besides TV. I’m sad there are no radio options, podcasts, Internet or social media for soccer fans to support their team especially when it’s not on TV.

Seriously, this comment about not catching the Chicago Fire suggests Will might be in the clouds figuratively — a reminder of some of his mental errors he incurred playing Round Ball as a member of the Bulls about 15-20 years ago.

IS IT MONEY WELL SPENT TO GIVE GUARANTEED MONEY TO MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PITCHER WHO’S OVER 30? Sometimes, general managers fall in love with a pitcher on their club who’s successful and someone they want to have pitch for many years. Sometimes, general managers fall in love with a pitcher they feel ‘they gotta have’ through free agency. Buyer beware, especially if the pitcher is over 30. GM’s that give these lucrative 5 or 6 year guaranteed contracts to pitchers who are north of 30 are simply playing with fire although it’s not their money.

There’s a chance it could work out where the player will help your club win but chances are stronger that there will be serious injury issues to deal with. Having to pay a pitcher millions for any years they are unable to pitch due to injury may be one step closer to the GM eventually having to look for work elsewhere — in my mind, not a baseball recipe for success in MLB. 

Blake Griffin Dunking


IT’S FUN TO GRADE THE NFL DRAFT BUT IS IT OF VALUE? It’s interesting that many NFL analysts rate each year’s draft — it may be graded shortly after each round has been announced. Is it just conjecture. Is it just speculation? Call me back in a few years for a grade. Some of these players will be cut, traded, some will play a a few years and may under or over achieve, and only a few will someday spend a glorious day in Canton being honored. It’s fun to grade NFL drafts but let’s breath football aficionados – let’s be honest, it’s going to take a long time to accurately assess how well each team drafted for this year’s draft.

So let’s have fun with it and grade if you must as it may make fans of particular teams happy or not but don’t take it too seriously, knowing that many plays will need to be executed in the gridiron trenches before one can accurately evaluate the success of a given draft. 

DID THAT NBA PLAYER LEGITIMATELY JUMP OVER A CAR? Did Blake Griffin officially jump over the KIA? As he completed his jump over the hoot of this sub-compact car, he holds onto the rim to help regain balance and composure. Mind you, he’s a good player who has tremendous athletic ability but it doesn’t appear to me that he legitimately jumped over a car. First, look at where the car is parked and look how he had to hang onto the rim to help position him to get to the other side of the car.

NBA PLAYOFF SHIT. So there’s about 20 seconds left in the 3rd quarter between the Celtics and Knicks of the 4th game of the series with the Knicks ahead 3-0. I notice there are 9 timeouts left between these two teams. I believe the Knicks had 4 left and the Celtics 5. Am I seeing things? There’s 25% left of regulation time and these two teams have yet to use 75% of the total timeouts. Have you ever heard the announcers or anyone on ESPN, TNT or NBA TV talk about this issue? When’s the last time you heard any analyst mention the amount of timeouts each team has for a playoff or regular season game? Even years ago, when teams had fewer timeouts, analysts didn’t deal with this. Is this taboo? Is there a directive by the commissioner, David Stern to not discuss this aspect of the game?

I find it quite peculiar that this American game invented in Springfield, MA, can currently allow the teams to save 9 timeouts or 75% of them until the last period. What would Mr. Naismith say? I watched the English Premier League last weekend and neither team receives any timeouts whatsoever. I think there are too many timeouts — it becomes too contrived and rigid. Why not give each team a total of 3 timeouts per game — allowing them to use them at any time. The game might become more entertaining to view. Besides, with 3 timeouts, if another team dominates and forces the other team to use all the timeouts, so be it. Would not basketball become much more intriguing for spectators?

COLIN, HAVE YOU HERD ABOUT THE STANDARD NBA PLAYOFF FORMAT? Colin Cowherd of The Herd on Friday’s ESPN Radio said the Miami Heat could have a win streak during the playoffs of 17 or 18 games. Colin, each playoff involves the first team to win 4 games. So, if Miami wins all 4 playoff series it plays, the maximum playoff victory mark is 16 games.

Most typical fans realize it’s not possible to win 17 or 18 games so should not a sport’s host know at least as much as a typical fan? Colin, are you listening?


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